Zendesk + ChannelReply vs. xSellco Pricing Calculator

XSellco pricing is way too high. Why pay over $300 per month for Fusion when you could . . . not?

Zendesk can be your ecommerce helpdesk for less. With ChannelReply, you get all your Amazon and eBay messages in Zendesk, giving you a powerful suite of message management tools at a much lower price.

Try out the Zendesk vs. XSellco Pricing Calculator below and see how much you can save with Zendesk.

Zendesk vs. XSellco Pricing Calculator

How many support agents are on your team?

How many messages do you process per month?

Your results:

Zendesk Team

$19/month x = $
Total: $

XSellco Fusion


  • No customer portal
  • No self-service help center
  • Limited third-party integrations
With ChannelReply & Zendesk, you save:

Note: This calculator uses annual pricing. Prices are higher for all products when paid for on a month-to-month basis.

Start saving time and money now—start your free trial of ChannelReply and try Zendesk free!

We’re Being Too Nice to XSellco Here

We wanted to provide an honest comparison above, so we kept our gloves on. However, we have to admit that it makes XSellco Fusion look like a better choice than it really is. Zendesk would probably save you even more than shown.

Why? Because only Amazon and eBay customer messages count toward your ChannelReply ticket limit. XSellco counts every ticket—even those from Shopify or your own online store.

The result is that if you got 750 Amazon and eBay messages a month and 300 (or even 3,000) emails from your own ecommerce site, you could handle your tickets in Zendesk for as little as $88 a month, not the $178 the calculator shows for over 1,000 tickets. In that case, annually, Zendesk would save you over $1,000 more.

What would you do with four figures less in expenses every year? Switch from XSellco Fusion to Zendesk and ChannelReply and you could make those dreams a reality!

How Do the Amazon and eBay Integrations for Zendesk Work?

We’ve made a handy infographic just for Zendesk users. Check it out and see for yourself!

How Do Zendesk’s Features Compare with XSellco’s?

Our calculator uses the Zendesk Team plan. Even though it’s one of Zendesk’s lowest pricing levels and humble by their high standards, it matches virtually all of XSellco Fusion’s features and has plenty of tools that they lack. Here’s what you get:

Powerful Ticket Management

Easy Team Management and Reporting

Time-Saving Customer Tools

  • Reduce ticket volumes with a knowledge base where customers can find answers to common questions.
  • Upgrade to Zendesk Guide Professional to let customers review and update their tickets via your Customer Portal.

Endless Integrations

All these features are available within the Team plan, which costs as little as $19 per month per agent and allows unlimited tickets. With XSellco pricing ranging from $79 to $666+ a month, Zendesk Team and ChannelReply combined cost less in all likely business scenarios.

What If I Want Zendesk Professional?

Professional Support

The face of a man who will accept nothing less.

Zendesk Professional lets you do even more:

  • Customize your reports and dashboards.
  • Specify business hours.
  • Track your team’s work with the Time Tracking app.
  • Get customer satisfaction ratings and surveys.
  • Unlock more features for Zendesk Guide Professional.

You even get 24-hour email and phone support from the Zendesk team throughout the workweek.

These features do come at a higher price: $49 per agent per month. Does that put XSellco Fusion at a lower price?

Unlikely. Take a look at this chart, showing the cost of Zendesk Professional and ChannelReply vs. the cost of XSellco Fusion for a team of three support agents:

Zendesk Professional vs. XSellco Pricing

With how high XSellco pricing is, Zendesk and ChannelReply combined will almost always have the lower price. Just about the only time Zendesk will cost more is if you choose a premium account level to get features that blow XSellco Fusion out of the water.

So, what do you think? Do you plan to keep paying too much for XSellco Fusion? Or would you rather save up to thousands of dollars per year with Zendesk and ChannelReply?

Both Zendesk and ChannelReply offer free trials! Try Zendesk Professional free for 30 days and start your free 14-day trial of ChannelReply and see what you think without paying a dime!

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