Published at May 23, 2016.
ChannelReply supports text, PDF, Word and image attachments with Amazon messages. See more details here.
Published at Feb 19, 2018.
Many ChannelReply users worry about Amazon discovering they’ve connected multiple accounts. Amazon probably wouldn’t mind that you provide customer service for more than one seller, but here’s how to play it safe.
Where Are My eBay and Amazon Tags in ChannelReply?
Published at Mar 27, 2018.
Your Amazon and eBay tags are found in the account management screen under (3) Marketplaces. These screenshots show exactly where they’re located.
Notify ChannelReply Trigger FAQs
Published at May 15, 2019.
Learn what the Notify ChannelReply trigger does, how new copies are generated, how to troubleshoot problems and more.
Everything You Can Do with ChannelReply in Zendesk
Published at Jun 14, 2019.
Explore every single feature ChannelReply offers to Zendesk users.
Which Helpdesk Should I Use with ChannelReply?
Published at Jul 09, 2019.
Is ChannelReply different in Freshdesk and Zendesk? Yes—and it’s different in Gorgias, Help Scout and Re:amaze, too! Find out which features are available/unavailable in each helpdesk.
Custom Fields FAQ and Definitions
Published at Jul 25, 2019.
What are custom fields for? What data do they collect? How do you set them up and use them? Find the answers here and start making the most of these valuable snippets.
How Does eBay Resolution Center Support Work?
Published at Sep 25, 2019.
Not sure what you can do with your eBay Resolution Center Support notifications? Learn their features and how to use them here.

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