Notify ChannelReply Trigger FAQs
Published at May 15, 2019.
Learn what the Notify ChannelReply trigger does, how new copies are generated, how to troubleshoot problems and more.
Everything You Can Do with ChannelReply in Zendesk
Published at Jun 14, 2019.
Explore every single feature ChannelReply offers to Zendesk users.
Which Helpdesk Should I Use with ChannelReply?
Published at Jul 09, 2019.
Is ChannelReply different in Freshdesk and Zendesk? Yes—and it’s different in Gorgias and Help Scout, too! Find out which features are available/unavailable in each helpdesk.
Custom Fields FAQ and Definitions
Published at Jul 25, 2019.
What are custom fields for? What data do they collect? How do you set them up and use them? Find the answers here and start making the most of these valuable snippets.
How Does eBay Resolution Center Support Work?
Published at Sep 25, 2019.
Not sure what happens when you click “Subscribe to Resolution Center Support” in ChannelReply? Learn what features it unlocks and how to use them here.
Published at May 23, 2016.
Since eBay doesn't provide any ID for previous messages, we use message subjects and eBay user IDs to identify threads. When you set up ChannelReply, there may already be several tickets in your Zendesk account with the same subject from...
Published at May 23, 2016.
If you're receiving duplicate tickets from eBay, the most likely cause is that your eBay account is set up to send notification emails to the mail registered to your Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias or Help Scout instance. Thus you have one ticket created for receiving an...
Zendesk Users: Fixing Duplicate Amazon Replies and eBay Message Delivery Failures
Published at Aug 02, 2017.
One Zendesk trigger can cause a lot of trouble for ChannelReply users: the “Notify requester of comment update” trigger. It’s most likely the problem if you’re experiencing one of the following issues: Every time you reply to an Amazon or Walmart...

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