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ChannelReply integrates marketplace customer service messages and data
with the CRM of your choice

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Channel Reply Truly Connected Customer Service

Are you tired of responding to customer service emails across all of your retail channels? ChannelReply seamlessly integrates all of your Amazon and eBay customer service messages with your CRM, keeping you organized and making sure that your customers never get lost in the shuffle.

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Zendesk Mobile

Everything in one place

ChannelReply makes it astonishingly simple to respond to all of your customer messages directly through Zendesk or Desk. We give you access to all of the information you need:


  • Buyer User ID
  • Listing Item Title/Number
  • Order ID
  • Hyperlink to Listing
  • Direct Message Link


  • Customer Name
  • Listing Name / ASIN Number
  • Order ID
  • Hyperlink to Listing
  • Direct Message Link

A Powerful, Customizable Solution:

ChannelReply integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing you to take advantage of triggers, macros and other incredibly powerful features that can help take your business to the next level. Give yourself the ability to:

  • Create automated and personalized responses to questions from eBay members and Amazon buyers.
  • Assign eBay member and Amazon buyer questions to the right customer service agent.
  • Set priority levels for both eBay member and Amazon buyer questions.
  • Keep eBay members and Amazon buyers in the loop, regardless of specific ticket status.
  • And much, much more.*

*Exact capabilities will depend on your CRM. Some supported CRMs may not offer all of these features.

Zendesk Desktop

Marketplace Message Support:

ChannelReply consolidates all of your customer messages, but that’s not all! We’ve also included support for all of your important direct messages from eBay and Amazon, helping you to keep track of:

  • eBay Resolution Center cases
  • Amazon Answers
  • eBay Returns (Started, Shipped, Delivered, Escalated)
  • eBay Refunds
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WordSotres - ChannelReply client
Quicksilver - ChannelReply client
Gazelle - ChannelReply client
DC - ChannelReply client
Chicago Music Exchange - ChannelReply client
Car Part Kings - ChannelReply client