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Help Scout Integration

Searching for a way to support Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Walmart or Shopify in Help Scout?

You can put down the spyglass—you’ve found it! ChannelReply makes answering marketplace messages even easier than replying to emails.

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I can't overemphasize how good ChannelReply is and how much it helps to keep our performance metrics in good standing.
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Scout Out Your Customers

No need to mount an expedition to see what your customer ordered. ChannelReply reports everything you need to know, right next to each message from Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Walmart or Shopify.

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Help Scout–Amazon


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Help Scout–eBay


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Help Scout–Shopify


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An Amazon Message in Help Scout with ChannelReply
Learn more about our Amazon integration
TRY HELP SCOUT FOR FREE “Start Your Free Trial” on Help Scout (referral link: ChannelReply receives compensation if you use this link to sign up)
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Help Scout–Shopify Messaging with ChannelReply
TRY HELP SCOUT FOR FREE “Start Your Free Trial” on Help Scout (referral link: ChannelReply receives compensation if you use this link to sign up)

Stop Digging through History

You shouldn’t have to search for the last message a buyer sent you. ChannelReply connects your ecommerce messages properly and brushes off unwanted text and links. Messaging is clean, simple and easy.

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Illustration of Approving an eBay Cancellation Request in Help Scout

Swat Common Problems

Every marketplace is buzzing with tiny annoyances. Chase them away with ChannelReply.

  • Mark Amazon messages as “No response needed”
  • Approve eBay cancellation requests
  • Reply directly to Walmart escalations and eBay & Shopify New Order notifications
  • Validate or refund Back Market purchases
Illustration of Approving an eBay Cancellation Request in Help Scout

Free Yourself with Autoresponders

Unanswered customer questions can pull you down like quicksand. Build your own custom Help Scout autoresponders for Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Walmart and/or Shopify instead. They even count toward Amazon’s 24-hour response time!

Amazon Autoresponder for Help Scout Illustration

Discover New Ways to Save Time

Charlize Connecting ChannelReply to Ecommerce Marketplaces by Magic

Send marketplace data to Help Scout’s Custom Fields and invent incredible time-saving Workflows. Use specifics like what the customer ordered or where they’re located to:

Dark Checkmark Move or reassign conversations

Dark Checkmark Add notes

Dark Checkmark Trigger auto-replies

Dark Checkmark Notify employees

Dark Checkmark And much more!

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Get Organized

No explorer goes far with their gear in a jumble. ChannelReply gives you full control over which mailbox each marketplace account is connected to. Plus, you can set unique tags for every account, so you’ll always know where your messages came from.

Amazon, eBay and Shopify Messages in Separate Mailboxes

Stay in the Know

Buyer messages are crucial, but so are marketplace notifications. We make it easy to get everything you need:

Small Amazon Logo

Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claims

Small eBay Logo

eBay orders, cancellations, return requests, and Resolution Center cases

Small Shopify Logo

Shopify orders

Small Walmart Logo

Walmart escalations

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All standard one-way emails

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Move Fast

With ChannelReply, it takes just minutes to set up Help Scout integrations with Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Walmart and Shopify. Simply contact us if you ever need help and we’ll happily be your guides.

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ChannelReply’s Help Scout integration is the ecommerce support solution you’ve been looking for. Try it free and explore the world of easy customer service!