Help Scout Integration

Searching for a way to answer eBay and Amazon messages in Help Scout? You can put down the spyglass—you’ve found it! ChannelReply makes marketplace support even easier than replying to emails.

Helpscout Integration with eBay and Amazon Infographic
Helpscout Integration with eBay and Amazon Infographic
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I can't overemphasize how good ChannelReply is and how much it helps to keep our performance metrics in good standing.

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eBay–Help Scout Integration

Answering eBay messages one at a time is like slogging through three feet of snow. You need a pair of snowshoes: ChannelReply and Help Scout!

  • Use Help Scout’s saved replies to answer common messages in seconds
  • Create an account for each agent to track employee performance
  • Answer eBay messages on the same screen you use for Amazon and email support
eBay-Help Scout Integration

Amazon–Help Scout Integration

Give your Amazon customer service a serious boost:

  • Stay on top of the conversation with threaded messages
  • Do more than select from Amazon’s prebuilt filters—design your own with Help Scout’s views
  • Save management time with multi-action workflows
Amazon–Help Scout Integration

Scout Out Your Customers

No need to mount an expedition to find out what your customer ordered. ChannelReply reports everything you need to know right next to each eBay or Amazon ticket, including:

  • Customer data
  • Listing and order info
  • Shipping details
Customer Icon
Listing Icon
Listing and order
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Notification Graphic

Stay in the Know

Buyer messages are crucial, but so are system notifications from eBay and Amazon. We make it easy to get everything you need:

  • Amazon return requests and A-to-z claims
  • eBay Resolution Center inquiry, case and return notifications
  • Amazon negative seller feedback notifications
  • All standard one-way emails

Move Fast

ChannelReply and Help Scout take just minutes to connect. And if you need help, simply contact us and one of our representatives will happily be your guide.

ChannelReply–Help Scout Surfer Graphic

Discover More Answers

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ChannelReply’s Help Scout integration is the ecommerce support solution you’ve been looking for. Try it free and explore the world of easy customer service!

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