GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Cooper Square Ventures, LLC DBA ChannelReply is committed to protecting your privacy and your customers’ privacy, and complying with the GDPR is part of that.

Short version: We comply with the GDPR by collecting only the data we need, storing it securely, making it available only to ChannelReply staff unless otherwise legally required, and deleting it either automatically or on request.

Now for the long version:

Protecting Your Customers’ Privacy

We collect data about your customers strictly as necessary to provide our services. When they send you a message through the ChannelReply API, we collect the message they sent as well as data about them and any order related to their message. Most of this data simply passes through our system to your helpdesk and is not stored by ChannelReply.

We temporarily store the message and some related data about the buyer and their order. This is accessible only by our developers and used strictly for providing our services to you. After two months, the message and all related personal information is automatically erased.

Information about your customers that is not personally identifiable, such as when they messaged you and from which platform, may be viewed by other members of our company and stored for longer than two months for the purposes of providing our services.

We do not disclose data about your customers to third parties unless legally required.

Protecting Your Privacy

We collect the following from our customers:

  • Data you have expressly given to us, such as your name, email address, and any information you have entered about your helpdesk and marketplace accounts.
  • Data about how you use our services.
  • Data about how you interact with our website and emails.
  • Messages you send through our service and related information (which are treated the same way as your customers’ messages and data, as described under “Protecting Your Customers’ Privacy”).

This data is used for providing, improving and marketing our services. We do not disclose data about you, your business or your customers to third parties unless legally required.

We respect your right to privacy and your right to erasure (right to be forgotten). If you stop using our services, we will delete your information on request. You can also unsubscribe from our marketing emails using the link provided in each one.

Protecting Collected Data

All information that we process and/or store about your customers is kept on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is secure and GDPR-compliant. Read about their GDPR compliance here.

Information about you and your business may be collected by, analyzed using, and stored with a variety of online services, all of which have publicly committed to GDPR compliance. Following is a list of these services. Click on any one to read about their GDPR compliance.

ChannelReply does not maintain private servers or store data locally.


This page is a summary provided as a courtesy only. Our official terms and policies are available on our Terms, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Agreement pages.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have about ChannelReply, including questions about GDPR compliance. Contact us at with any GDPR-related questions you have and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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