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Use One Multi-brand Helpdesk for Your Entire Ecommerce Agency

You think big. You could never be happy selling on just one Amazon or eBay account, so you built an ecommerce agency. Your revenues soared. But now that you support dozens of brands, you face incredible challenges in enterprise customer service.

Don’t suffer through managing scattered, siloed ecommerce support. Help all your customers from your preferred multi-brand helpdesk with ChannelReply.

Ecommerce Enterprise Customer Service with ChannelReply
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“ChannelReply connects us with hundreds of thousands of consumers across the world. The multi-platform integrations were easy to set up and gave us the power to grow and scale our customer service teams quickly. Without it, we would not be able provide the excellent service that we're able to offer today.”
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
Director of Project Management - Integrations
eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Shopify Support in One Helpdesk eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Shopify Support in One Helpdesk
Support All Your Accounts & Marketplaces

ChannelReply puts all your ecommerce customer service in one place, even if you support thousands of brands.

No Extra Costs
No per-account or per-user charges.
Unlimited Users
Connect unlimited Amazon, eBay, Shopify* Our Shopify integration is not available for Gorgias. and Walmart accounts.
All Your Support on One Screen
Support all your customers on one screen in the multi-brand helpdesk you already rely on: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, Gorgias or Re:amaze.
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Zendesk & Amazon
Screenshot of ChannelReply’s Zendesk-Amazon Integration The ChannelReply Zendesk App for Amazon
Freshdesk & eBay
Screenshot of ChannelReply’s Freshdesk-eBay Integration ChannelReply App for eBay in Freshdesk
Help Scout & Shopify
Screenshot of ChannelReply’s Shopify–Help Scout Integration The ChannelReply Help Scout App with Shopify Order Info
Gorgias & Walmart
Gorgias-Walmart Integration with ChannelReply Walmart Data in the ChannelReply App for Gorgias
Re:amaze & eBay
Issuing an eBay Refund with ChannelReply in Re:amaze Refunding an eBay Order with the ChannelReply App for Re:amaze

Boost Support Efficiency

  • Save money on training by teaching frontline agents to use only one system.
  • Answer buyer messages fast with the help of detailed order info.
  • Automate tedious tasks by plugging marketplace data into your helpdesk’s best tools.
  • Identify, filter and organize tickets by brand and marketplace.
  • Send personalized autoreplies to auto-resolve common questions. ** Our Shopify integration is not available for Gorgias.
  • Manage eBay Resolution Center cases, Walmart and Shopify refunds and cancellations, and more. ** Our Shopify integration is not available for Gorgias.
ChannelReply Setup Assistance

Free Setup Assistance, Training & Support

Get the help you need to maximize ROI at no extra cost. Contact us for live setup guidance, training for you and your agents, and technical assistance.

ChannelReply Setup Assistance

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Get deep volume discounts on ChannelReply if you receive over 10,000 billable messages per month. Contact us to learn more.

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