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Zendesk Integration

Tired of being able to use Zendesk for everything except Amazon, eBay and Walmart?
ChannelReply is the mug of hot coffee your business needs. Handle marketplace customer service without leaving the comfort of Zendesk, and get back the time and energy you need to make more sales.
The old way
Chaotic Walmart, eBay and Amazon Messaging
The new way
Zendesk Messaging with ChannelReply
Howard Choi
“ChannelReply is time saving for our customer service department… they’re able to see order information right in Zendesk instead of having to browse through multiple websites.”
Howard Choi
Business Dev Manager, Golfio
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Zendesk & Amazon
Screenshot of ChannelReply’s Zendesk-Amazon Integration The ChannelReply Zendesk App for Amazon
Zendesk & eBay
Screenshot of ChannelReply’s Zendesk-eBay Integration ChannelReply App for eBay in Zendesk
Zendesk & Walmart
Zendesk-Walmart Integration Screenshot ChannelReply App for Walmart in Zendesk
Zendesk & eBay
Managing eBay Refunds in Zendesk eBay Resolution Center Support in the ChannelReply Zendesk App

Answer All Your Messages in Zendesk

ChannelReply doesn’t just forward messages. It integrates directly with marketplace APIs and Zendesk, creating customer service nirvana.

  • Messages thread together as continuous conversations
  • Detailed info about the buyer and order appears beside each ticket
  • Marketplace tickets can be answered from inside Zendesk
  • All your favorite Zendesk features like macros and triggers work perfectly
Illustration of ChannelReply’s eBay-Zendesk Integration

eBay-Zendesk Integration

    With its single login per account, eBay can be tough to scale. Integrating eBay with Zendesk fixes that. Give each customer service agent a unique login and harness the power of Zendesk business rules and macros to reply swiftly and easily.

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Illustration of ChannelReply’s eBay-Zendesk Integration
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Amazon-Zendesk Integration

    Frustrated with email forwarding? ChannelReply lets you see buyer and order details next to each ticket, saving you endless trips up “the river.” And with the ability to create an autoresponder that counts toward Amazon’s 24-hour response time, you can even take the occasional day off.

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Illustration of ChannelReply’s Walmart-Zendesk Integration

Walmart-Zendesk Integration

    Walmart support is full of little inconveniences. Who wants to copy and paste an email address to reply to an escalation, or log in to Walmart just to acknowledge an order? With ChannelReply, you can take Walmart actions, answer messages, and see order info all in one place: Zendesk.

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Illustration of ChannelReply’s Walmart-Zendesk Integration
Illustration of ChannelReply’s eBay Resolution Center Support in Zendesk

eBay Resolution Center Support

Without leaving Zendesk, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept or decline returns
  • Provide RMAs
  • Issue full or partial refunds

Critical Notifications

Get all your critical one-way messages in your Zendesk account. With just a few tweaks to your marketplace settings, you can receive all your important notifications, including:

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Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claims

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eBay Resolution Center cases

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Walmart escalations

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Return requests

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All the other messages you need to keep your customers happy!

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Connecting eBay to Zendesk in ChannelReply

Rapid Setup

Connecting your Zendesk account to ChannelReply typically takes less than four minutes. See our Zendesk integration instructions to find out how it works.

Connecting eBay to Zendesk in ChannelReply
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Your Customer Service Solution Awaits

You already know that Zendesk is awesome. How much more awesome would it be if you could handle your Amazon, eBay and Walmart messages there? All you need is a ChannelReply account.