Amazon Integration

Once upon a time, our Amazon support volume got out of hand.
We started forwarding Amazon emails to our CRM to get them back under control.
But to our dismay, everything arrived in a jumble of raw data,
and conversations weren’t threaded.

Amazon Message Management

We’ve solved that problem with ChannelReply.

Now you can integrate your Amazon account with your customer service platform* and make support easier, faster, and better.

Amazon Integration Infographic (Zendesk, or Freshdesk)

“ChannelReply makes managing customer service on Amazon efficient and effective.
We can handle 4x the amount of volume and improve satisfaction across the board.
Very satisfied.”

– Stephen Ashley, eCommerce Technical Analyst at QUIKSILVER

Easier Support

  • Answer all of your customers—whether they’re from Amazon, eBay, or your own website—from a single screen
  • Keep track of every conversation with automatically threaded tickets
  • See important info about the buyer and their order on each ticket, along with a hyperlink to the listing
  • Field multiple support agents with individual logins
Amazon Order Info in ChannelReply

Faster Answers

Speech Bubble

Create canned
automated replies

List Icon

Manage and track
social media
support requests

and phone calls

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Collect, analyze,
and act on
customer service

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Get all your one-way
notifications instantly
including return
and A-to-z
Guarantee claims

Better Team Management

  • Assign tickets to the right agents and order them by priority
  • Integrate your CRM with third-party apps to track time worked
  • Track who sent which reply so agents can’t shift blame or steal credit
  • Organize your agents in groups based on expertise, making sure only agents who understand Amazon work with your Amazon customers
Customer Service Team Management
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Connect in a Snap

Connecting Amazon to ChannelReply takes less than five minutes. Simply follow our Amazon integration instructions to get set up.

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Get Answers

Still unsure if ChannelReply is the solution you’re looking for? Our FAQ is just waiting for you to visit, and we’re always happy to answer your questions—all you have to do is contact us .

Better Customer Service, Higher ROI

Who says you can’t do something faster and better at the same time? ChannelReply saves your team from needless busywork, helping them provide better support and reducing the hours they need to get the job done. Save money and improve your seller rating at the same time!

*The features described here will only work with the supported CRMs listed under “Available CRM Integrations” above. Some features, such as phone support, may require the use of optional services offered by the CRM provider or third-party apps from their marketplaces.

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