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Gorgias Integration

Gorgias makes it beautifully easy to help shoppers in your online store. But wouldn’t it be even more attractive if you could support Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Back Market and Newegg on the same screen? Of course it would—and ChannelReply specializes in that kind of makeover.
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  • “I've used ChannelReply across two multimillion-dollar ecommerce businesses and our Customer Experience strategy could not be implemented without it.”

    Bryan Kutchera
    Bryan Kutchera
    Director of Channel Sales, E-Commerce
    Reliable Asset Solutions
  • ChannelReply really is about functionality and efficiency. For example, we don't have to train our support Poo-Rus to use Amazon if we can doo our doodie in ChannelReply. Now we can just have the whole conversation in Gorgias!

    Grace Choi
    Grace Choi
    Team Lead of Customer Experience
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    David Murray
    David Murray
    Customer Experience Manager
    Hello TUSHY
  • I can't overemphasize how good ChannelReply is and how much it helps to keep our performance metrics in good standing.

    Marlou Pereira
    Marlou Pereira
    Super Trade

Get a Brand-New Look

See everything you need to answer customers in a flash. ChannelReply shows it all, right next to each Gorgias ticket.

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Amazon-Gorgias Integration
Amazon support doesn’t have to be a wrinkle in your operation. With all your Amazon messages in Gorgias, you can keep support running smoothly.
  • Receive and answer Amazon messages in threaded tickets
  • Mark messages as “No response needed” without logging in to Seller Central
  • Support Amazon on the same screen as Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Etsy and more
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eBay-Gorgias Integration
eBay customer service can become a tangled mess. ChannelReply straightens it all out.
  • Give each agent their own Gorgias login
  • Start conversations with any eBay buyer who purchases from you
  • Answer questions in a click using macros rich with order details
eBay-Gorgias Integration Illustration
Walmart-Gorgias Integration
Walmart expects to see professionalism from its sellers. ChannelReply keeps you looking good.
  • Reply to buyer messages and even escalations directly from Gorgias
  • Monitor team performance with Gorgias’s sleek reports
  • Get every piece of data an agent could ask for, including tracking ID and order status
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Back Market–Gorgias Integration
Back Market proves secondhand doesn’t have to mean shoddy. Deliver the first-rate support your customers expect with your better-than-new products!
  • Create dozens of Back Market order placeholders for Gorgias macros
  • Use ChannelReply’s in-app actions to issue refunds and validate orders
  • View all your order info on the same screen as the message you’re typing
Illustration of Back Market–Gorgias Integration with ChannelReply
Newegg-Gorgias Integration
Newegg pays careful attention to your performance. Luckily, ChannelReply makes it easy to get every detail right.
  • Receive and answer messages from Newegg, NeweggBusiness and Newegg Canada in Gorgias
  • Protect your Newegg Response Rate measurements with direct replies and even autoreplies
  • Get detailed insight into multi-package orders with specifics like which items are in which package
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Etsy-Gorgias Integration
Hand-crafting something stunning for your Etsy store is worth the effort. But hand-typing the same response over and over? That’s gone out of fashion.
  • Pull Etsy order info into your Gorgias macros—no more typing in tracking IDs or delivery dates
  • Answer customers by email from inside Gorgias or use the “Reply on Etsy” link to jump straight to the conversation on Etsy
  • Integrate unlimited Etsy stores with your Gorgias account
Illustration of ChannelReply’s Etsy-Gorgias Integration
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You can’t leave a marketplace with only your buyer messages! ChannelReply will help you get all the notifications that complement them.
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Gorgias and ChannelReply were meant to be together. Just provide a few quick details and your accounts will form an instant connection. And if you’d like any help with the setup, contact us and our support team will gladly assist you.
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