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CR Feedback

Put Amazon feedback requests on autopilot.
Never click "Request a Review" again. Never type another name into a canned feedback reminder email. CR Feedback's simple, one-time setup will free you from countless hours of boring work—and win you way more 5-star ratings.
The old way
Charlie Hitting the Request a Review Button All Night
The new way
Automating Amazon Feedback Requests with CR Feedback

More 5-Star Ratings

CR Feedback Message Going to Amazon
  • Send your requests when the buyer is primed to be in a good mood
  • Trigger Amazon’s “Request a Review” button or send instantly personalized emails
  • Set requests for unlimited Amazon accounts and marketplaces

How It Works

1 | Add an Account

Connect an Amazon account or choose any account already connected to ChannelReply.

2 | Choose a Setting

Automate Amazon’s “Request a Review” button or create your own custom feedback request template.

3 | Set & Forget

Schedule your automated requests and get back to selling!

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Charlie Proposing to Charlize with Five-Star Feedback

Built to Work Alone—or Together with ChannelReply

CR Feedback works completely on its own—no ChannelReply account or helpdesk needed! But if you want to use both, CR Feedback and ChannelReply are made for each other. Skip redundant setup steps and easily manage messaging and feedback requests from one account.