Frequently Asked Questions

Only incoming messages are counted toward your monthly limit. You can send as many messages as you want every month.

Absolutely. ChannelReply was specifically developed to do just that. ChannelReply consolidates all of your eBay and Amazon messages into Zendesk or for faster, more efficient customer service.

We mainly use "CRM" to refer to a customer relationship management or helpdesk platform. The CRMs ChannelReply currently supports are Zendesk and

Of course! You can group and tag/label incoming messages from Amazon and/or eBay. In fact, we think it’s a great idea.

Yes. Zendesk users must have a Team account or better, and users must have Desk Canvas (currently available on Pro accounts or better) enabled to use all ChannelReply features.

ChannelReply receives messages from eBay and Amazon immediately. Replies are sent every five minutes.

ChannelReply is specifically designed to work with messages sent directly from customers. Some messages—namely messages that don’t require replies (i.e. Resolution Center cases and order updates)—just need to be forwarded from eBay to your CRM’s mailbox.

Integrating your Amazon and eBay messages with your Zendesk or account takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Visit our help page for complete, easy-to-follow instructions. No fuss, no muss.

Yes. We present all sent/received messages in a threaded, easy-to-read form. Threaded messaging makes it much easier to visualize conversations and search for various customer service touchpoints.

We offer ChannelReply as a month-to-month service so you don’t have to make any long-term commitments. However, you can choose annual billing during signup to get a discounted rate.

Absolutely. Our Pro plan allows you to manage two eBay and two Amazon accounts, while our Enterprise plan lets you integrate as many accounts as you want. See our pricing page for further details.

Not at all. We use eBay’s messaging API, so all of your messages will be sent/received directly via your CRM—no separate email address required.

ChannelReply pulls in everything you might need: Customer Name, Order ID (if applicable), ASIN number, Title of Item, a direct link to the message within Amazon, and direct links to mark each message as either “response not required” or “suspicious behavior.”

In short: everything you need. ChannelReply pulls in the eBay User ID, Item Title, Item ID, Message ID, a link to the item, and a link to the actual message on eBay. If the eBay user is a current customer, ChannelReply will even be able to give you the customer’s name.

You can absolutely use an autoresponder for Amazon, with one caveat: Amazon will not mark these messages as answered. To get around this limitation, we provide a link to mark messages as “no response needed,” which is viewed as a response by Amazon. More instructions are available here.

You can have an unlimited number of agents using ChannelReply at no extra cost.

ChannelReply supports returns processing for eBay. You can generate an eBay label with an RMA and issue a refund without actually leaving the Zendesk ticket / case. We’ll also add support for Resolution Center cases shortly; in the meantime, you can follow these instructions to receive notifications with direct links to all such cases.

Yes, you can use information tagged in ChannelReply to generate reports.

While Amazon doesn’t yet allow us the ability to directly solve A-to-z Guarantee cases or returns from within our system, we do provide a direct link to each case, allowing you to track the entire customer service experience, create notes, and hold your customer service agent(s) accountable.

Absolutely! We encourage the use of and Zendesk macros in handling your eBay and Amazon messages.

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