Using ChannelReply and Zendesk as an eBay/Amazon Autoresponder

You might have already tried using triggers to automatically send messages to eBay or Amazon and had nothing happen. Don't worry—using ChannelReply and Zendesk as an eBay and Amazon autoresponder just takes a little extra setup.

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In the default Zendesk setup, triggers send emails instead of adding a comment. ChannelReply therefore can't deliver the message, because it can only send comments. However, by following the steps below, you can use triggers to create a comment so that ChannelReply will send it.

Create a Target

First, you need to create a target for the trigger. Go to Admin->Settings->Extensions->Targets.

Zendesk Extensions->Targets

Hit “add target link" and choose “URL target” from the list.

Zendesk URL Target

Enter the following data:


(Note: Change “company” to your company’s Zendesk domain.)

Method: Put

Attribute Name: ticket[comment][body]

Here is an example:

Setting Up Zendesk as an eBay or Amazon Autoresponder

Modify the Trigger

After that, you can modify your "Notify requester of received request" trigger to send a notification to a newly created target.

Zendesk Notify Requester of Received Request

To do that, just click Edit, change the action to "Notifications: Notify target" and then choose “newly created target” from the right-hand dropdown menu.

Zendesk Notifications: Notify Target

Now, when you receive a new ticket, your autoresponder will add a new comment to it and ChannelReply will deliver it to the customer.

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