How to Use Custom Fields from ChannelReply in Zendesk Macros

When you create a ChannelReply account and set up your Zendesk integration with eBay and Amazon, you have the opportunity to generate Zendesk custom fields. We normally use these to display buyer and order info alongside each of your tickets. With a few tweaks, you can also use these as placeholders in your macros.

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Where Can I Find My Zendesk Custom Fields in ChannelReply?

You can find and edit your custom fields by doing the following:

Select CRM Settings in ChannelReply

  • Scroll down and click “OPEN ADVANCED OPTIONS.”

Open Advanced Zendesk Setup Options in ChannelReply

This will show you your custom fields for eBay and Amazon. You can generate, edit, and manage them from here.

Managing Zendesk Custom Fields for eBay and Amazon in ChannelReply

Where Can I Manage My Custom Fields in Zendesk?

Log in to your Zendesk account, then choose the gear icon on the left. Click “Ticket Fields” under “MANAGE.” Along with all of your default Zendesk fields and any other custom fields you may have, you’ll find your ChannelReply custom fields.

ChannelReply Custom Fields in Zendesk

How Do I Use Custom Fields from ChannelReply in Zendesk Macros?

Once you’ve reached Zendesk’s “Ticket Fields” screen, mouse over the custom field you’d like to use in a macro. A column of three dots will appear on the far right. Click on that, then choose “Edit.”

Edit Amazon ASIN Custom Field in Zendesk

At the top of the next screen, you will see “Custom field ID:” followed by a number. Copy that number and paste it somewhere for safekeeping, such as a Notepad file.

Zendesk Custom Field ID

Next, create your new macro. Wherever you want to enter your custom field, use the following placeholder: {{ticket.ticket_field_xxxxxxxx}}

Simply replace "xxxxxxxx" with the number you copied earlier. So, if your custom field ID number was 12345678, you would enter the following: {{ticket.ticket_field_12345678}}

Zendesk Macro Using Custom Field from ChannelReply

The next time you use that macro, Zendesk will automatically enter the data from your ChannelReply custom field in place of the placeholder.

ChannelReply Data Automatically Entered with a Zendesk Macro

That's all there is to it! For more ways to make Zendesk more effective for eBay and Amazon support, check out "How to Create Zendesk Views for eBay and Amazon" or our guide to setting up a marketplace autoresponder.

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