Freshdesk Integration

Juggling multiple support windows can leave you with no hands free for the most important part of your business: selling. Get all your eBay and Amazon messages in Freshdesk and you’ll only have to juggle one window!*

Freshdesk Integration with eBay and Amazon Infographic
*ChannelReply does not recommend attempting to juggle even one physical window.
That would be dangerous.
“Our customer service agents love ChannelReply.
It’s improving performance, increasing satisfaction and helping us reach TRS!”

— Chris Le Cheminant, Customer Services Manager of

eBay-Freshdesk Integration

As awesome as eBay is, they don’t give you a whole lot of sup-
port tools. Use Freshdesk's canned responses and workflow automations to answer eBay messages exponentially faster.

Even better, Freshdesk agent accounts save you from needing to share your master account login with employees. Nifty!

eBay-Freshdesk Integration
eBay Return Management

eBay Return Management

Why deal with another login every time someone wants to send something back? Handle eBay returns entirely from within your Freshdesk tickets.

  • Authorize or decline return requests
  • Issue partial or full refunds
  • Provide RMAs

Amazon-Freshdesk Integration

Amazon support tools aren’t bad, but we all know Freshdesk’s are way better. Get all the data you need from Amazon in organized Freshdesk tickets—and with none of the mess caused by email forwarding.

Amazon-Freshdesk Integration
Marketplace Message Management in Freshdesk

Marketplace Messages
Made Manageable

Craft the perfect answer without ever leaving Freshdesk. ChannelReply transforms your eBay and Amazon customer messages into threaded tickets complete with:

  • Customer info
  • Order and listing data
  • Listing hyperlinks

Never Miss a Message

ChannelReply doesn’t just make customer messages easy to manage. You’ll also get all your important notifications from both marketplaces, including:

  • Amazon return requests
  • Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claims
  • eBay Resolution Center cases
  • All the other messages you need to keep
    your business running smoothly!
Mobile Message Management
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Simple Setup

It takes just minutes to connect ChannelReply with Freshdesk. Contact us and we’ll happily guide you through!

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Questions, Meet Answers

Wondering about a feature we didn’t cover here? Need to know if the software meets a specific business need? See our FAQ, or send us a message and we’ll be glad (no—exhilarated!) to answer your questions.

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Customer Service Is About to Get Way Easier

Don’t let customer service be the rottenest part of running your business.
Clean up eBay and Amazon messages in no time with ChannelReply and Freshdesk!

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