Amazon/Walmart/eBay Autoresponder Setup for Freshdesk Users

Sick of answering messages all weekend? Freshdesk can work perfectly as an Amazon, Walmart and eBay autoresponder, with messages even counting toward Amazon’s 24-hour response time SLA. All you need is ChannelReply and a special automation.

Notes: Click on any image to view it at full resolution. Last updated 1/31/2020. If you use Zendesk instead of Freshdesk, please read this instead.

Important Note

This autoresponder system generates messages once every half-hour. It could be up to 35 minutes before an auto-reply appears on a Freshdesk ticket, so keep calm and carry on if nothing happens right away.

You can safely answer your messages at any time. If an agent sends a response before the auto-reply appears in Freshdesk, ChannelReply cancels the auto-reply and delivers your message immediately. The customer will only see the human response.

How to Create an Amazon/Walmart/eBay Autoresponder with Freshdesk

1. Gather Info

To build your autoresponder, you’ll need the following:

  • ChannelReply tags.
  • The message you want the autoresponder to send. You can write a simple one-paragraph message in plain text, or create something more elaborate with all formatting written in HTML.
  • Admin access to your Freshdesk account.
  • Your Freshdesk domain and the API key you currently use for ChannelReply. 

To find your domain and API key, sign in to ChannelReply and go to CRM Settings. You'll see your domain right away. Click "EDIT SETTINGS."

Freshdesk Domain and API Key in ChannelReply

You'll then be able to copy your domain and API key.

Copying Your Freshdesk Domain and API Key

We recommend having everything mentioned above in easy reach before proceeding.

Important: When we show text in brackets [random text here] and say it should be replaced, remove the brackets as well as the placeholder text. For example, if your API key is 123456789 and we show [your API key], you would just enter 123456789 with no brackets.

2. Switch to "Executing All Matching Rules"

By default, Freshdesk automations use a setting called "Executing first matching rule." This setting only allows one automation to fire on each ticket—whichever one is highest in your list of automations. This can cause your autoresponder to fail.

If you are an expert Freshdesk user and feel confident with your settings, you can leave this setting as is. But we recommend that most users switch to "Executing all matching rules."

In Freshdesk, go to Admin (the gear icon on the left).

Freshdesk Admin Icon

Scroll down to “Helpdesk Productivity” and choose "Automations."

Freshdesk Dispatch'r

Look for "Executing first matching rule" near the top of the page. If you see this setting, click the little gear icon on its right.

Executing First Matching Rule Setting in Freshdesk

Switch to "Execute all matching rules," then click "Save."

Execute All Matching Rules in Freshdesk

3. Aim Your Autoresponder

Click “New rule.”

Create New Dispatch'r Rule

Now, what tickets do you want this autoresponder to answer? You have complete control. It can respond to any of the following:

  • A single Amazon, Walmart or eBay account.
  • Any combination of Amazon/Walmart/eBay accounts.
  • Every single message that comes into Freshdesk.

Whichever option you choose, the messages it sends will not count toward any message limit in ChannelReply.

Once you’ve decided how you want the autoresponder to work, give it a name. We’ll use “Amazon/eBay Autoresponder” in our example.

Amazon/eBay Autoresponder in Freshdesk

If you want the autoresponder to work for all messages, not just marketplace messages from ChannelReply, skip to step 4.

If you only want it to reply to Amazon, Walmart and/or eBay messages, add the following condition: Tickets | Tag | Contains any of | [ChannelReply tag(s)]

Entering ChannelReply Tags in a Dispatch'r Rule

The tag(s) you enter will determine which marketplace account(s) this rule will work for. For example, if you only enter the tag of one eBay account, this autoresponder will only go off when it receives a message from that one account. If you enter all your ChannelReply tags, it will go off for any message delivered by ChannelReply.

4. Time Your Autoresponder

Click “Add new condition.”

Add a Dispatch'r Condition

Now you can add a condition that will decide when the rule will go off. We recommend this one:

Tickets | Created | During | Non-Business hours

Condition for Tickets Created Outside Business Hours

That will make sure customers only receive automatic replies when nobody’s available to help.

If you entered a condition with tags in Step 3, you need to set your conditions to “Match ALL of the below.” In that case, you should only use one timing condition.

Match ALL of the below

However, if you have no tag-based condition, you can leave your conditions set to “Match ANY of the below.” Then you can use two time-based conditions and hit all possible times when your team will be unavailable:

Created | during | Non-Business Hours

Created | during | Holidays

Autoresponder for All New Tickets in Freshdesk

Want to have an autoresponder that hits both non-business hours and holidays but can’t because you’re using tags? No worries! Step 6 will explain how to create a clone of this rule, which you can then customize for the holidays.

5. Build the Action

Click “Choose action,” then choose “Trigger webhook.”

Trigger Webhook

Set the “Request Type” to “POST.” Then enter the following in the Callback URL field:{{}}

ChannelReply Callback URL for Freshdesk

Click “Add custom headers.”

Add Custom Headers

In the custom headers field, enter the following:

        "X-Freshdesk-Token": "[your Freshdesk API key]"

Be sure to replace [your Freshdesk API key] with your actual Freshdesk API key—don’t enter the one shown in the screenshot below.

Custom Header Example

Next, go down to “Content” and choose “Advanced.”

Advanced Option

Finally, paste the following into the Content field:


                "autoresponse":"[Your message here]",

                "domain":"[Your Freshdesk domain]",



Carefully replace [Your message here] with your actual message and [Your Freshdesk domain] with your domain. Leave everything else in place.

Freshdesk Autoresponder Message with HTML

Mistakes here are a common reason for the autoresponder failing—one comma or quotation mark in the wrong place and everything will break down. You can make sure you've entered the code correctly using the free tool JSONLint. Be sure to test your custom header and your content field separately.

Once done, click “Preview and save.”

Preview and Save Button

Next, click "Save and enable" to save your settings and automatically turn on your autoresponder. Or, just hit "Save" if you aren't ready for the autoresponder to start running yet.

Save Options

You’ll see your new autoresponder in your list of automations. If it has a green checkmark next to it, it’s already in action!

Autoresponder Live

6. (Optional) Create Additional Autoresponders

Need to create more autoresponder rules customized to different channels or conditions? Easy! Next to your new rule, click the column of three dots, then choose “Clone.”

Clone Dispatch'r Rule

Then go through this checklist:

  • Give the clone a new name.
  • Change the conditions as desired.
  • Update the message in the Content field as needed. Make sure all the code surrounding the message stays in place, especially the quotation marks surrounding it.

Within minutes, you can have an army of autoresponders ready for action!


We’ll be happy to help you set up your Amazon/Walmart/eBay autoresponder in Freshdesk. Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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