How to Use ChannelReply Data in Freshdesk Canned Responses & More

So, you’ve integrated Freshdesk with ChannelReply and have all your eBay and Amazon messages in one place. Wise choice! Now you want to make those messages easy to answer and organize.

A great way to do that is by setting up custom fields. Custom fields allow you to pull data from eBay and Amazon tickets into Freshdesk canned responses and automations.

Important: This article uses the classic ChannelReply interface. You can access the classic interface here.

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Setting Up Custom Fields in 3 Steps

1. Decide Which Field to Create

Sign in to ChannelReply, then go to (2) CRM settings.

ChannelReply CRM Settings


Open Advanced Options

You’ll see a list of available custom fields, such as “Item Title.”

ChannelReply Custom Fields for Freshdesk

For info on what each of these custom fields does, see our custom fields FAQ.

You can pull in data for as many or as few fields as you want. Decide which one you would like to set up first.

2. Create a Ticket Field in Freshdesk

In Freshdesk, go to Admin (the gear icon) > Ticket Fields.

Freshdesk Ticket Fields

Click the “T” text icon (“Single Line Text”).

Create New Ticket Field in Freshdesk

Uncheck all boxes.

Uncheck "Display to Customer" and "Customer Can Edit"

Fill in the label spaces. We recommend using the title from ChannelReply (e.g. “Item Title”). Only agents will see this, so you can enter the same label in both spots. Then click “DONE.”

Ticket Field Label

You can create as many ticket fields as you want while you’re here. In this example, we’ve created the following fields: Item Title, Customer Full Name, and SKU.

eBay and Amazon Custom Fields in Freshdesk

3. Match the Field in ChannelReply

Now go back to ChannelReply and refresh your browser. Then click on any of the dropdown menus and you’ll see the label you just created as an option.

Freshdesk Ticket Fields in ChannelReply

Match the label to the appropriate custom field. For example, if you just created an “Item Title” field in Freshdesk, select it under “Item Title.”

Ticket Field Matched in ChannelReply

Repeat for any other fields you have created. Finally, scroll down and click Save.

Click "Save"

Voila! These fields will now be displayed in “Properties” to the right of tickets in Freshdesk.

ChannelReply Custom Fields in Freshdesk

If you receive an eBay or Amazon message through ChannelReply, these fields will populate with data whenever any is available. Of course, the ChannelReply app already shows all that data and more!

ChannelReply in Freshdesk Mint

So, seeing the info beside the ticket is only a side effect. It’s what you can do with these fields that matters!

Using ChannelReply Custom Fields in Freshdesk Canned Responses

Once your custom fields are set up, using them in canned responses is easy. First, go to Admin (the gear icon on the left). Scroll down to Helpdesk Productivity and click Canned Responses.

Where to Find Canned Responses in Freshdesk

Choose an existing canned reply or create a new one.

Create or Edit Canned Response

Once you reach the point in the message where you want to enter a custom field, hit “Insert Placeholder.”

Insert Placeholder

Choose “Ticket Fields” and you’ll see the custom fields you created. Click on one to enter it in the canned response.

Adding an eBay Placeholder to a Freshdesk Canned Response

Once you’ve finished, remember to hit Save.

Save Button

Make as many canned responses as you want—they’ll save you a lot of time down the road!

Freshdesk Predefined Reply with SKU Placeholder

To use one of these predefined replies in a ticket, click the canned response icon at the bottom left of the screen. It looks like a speech bubble with a star inside it.

Canned Response Button on Freshdesk Ticket

Then mouse over the canned response you want to enter and click “Insert.” (You can use the search bar to find the right one if you have a lot!)

Find and Insert a Canned Reply

Once you insert a response, the placeholders will be instantly replaced with the data pulled from your ticket.

Automatically Insert Amazon Data in a Freshdesk Ticket

Now you can provide totally keyboard-free support!

Using ChannelReply Custom Fields in Freshdesk Automations

You can use ChannelReply fields in several other Freshdesk tools. For example, you can use them as conditions in ticket creation automations (formerly known as Dispatch’r rules).

eBay- and Amazon-Based Conditions in the Freshdesk Dispatch'r

This lets you do things like...

  • Tag, prioritize, or assign tickets
  • Send email notifications
  • Trigger webhooks

...all based on the contents of your custom fields.

Tag eBay Items in Freshdesk

Even cooler, Freshdesk gives you tons of control over these conditions. You can set rules based on specific custom field values, including:

  • Is or is not
  • Starts with or ends with
  • Has or does not have any of the words entered
  • Contains or does not contain

Business Rule Condition Options for Freshdesk Ticket Fields

Creating ticket creation automations also allows you to impact other Freshdesk tools like views. For example, say you created the rule shown in the screenshots above. This would add the MyBrand tag to all tickets that contained “MyBrand” in the “Item Title” field. You could then filter your Freshdesk tickets by the MyBrand tag.

Filtering Tickets by Tag

Then you would only see tickets about products that contain “MyBrand” in the Item Title field.

As another example, say you use the first three characters of your SKU to indicate the manufacturer of your product. You could use “SKU | Starts with | xxx” as a condition. Then you could auto-assign all tickets for that manufacturer’s products to an agent who specializes in them.

Assign Support Tickets Based on SKU

Custom fields can also play a big role in ticket update automations (formerly known as Observer rules). There they can once again be used as conditions. This lets you set incredibly specific triggers, like:

  • If an agent updates a ticket's priority to Urgent...
  • ...and the Item Title is SuperCoolProduct...
  • ...send an email to your group of SuperCoolProduct experts.

Observer Rule Based on eBay Data

Freshdesk allows you to do incredible things with the data ChannelReply collects from eBay and Amazon. It may take some work to set up, but it can provide massive ROI in the long run!

Stuck setting up ChannelReply custom fields in Freshdesk? Contact us here. We’re always happy to help!

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