How to Forward Amazon Notifications to Your Helpdesk

Sending Amazon notifications to your helpdesk, either through your ChannelReply account or email forwarding, is easy. Once you’ve integrated Amazon with ChannelReply, simply follow the steps below. They’ll work whether you have Zendesk, Freshdesk or

1. Go to Your Amazon Notification Preferences

First, log in to your Amazon Seller Central account. Then hover over "Settings" in the upper right and click "Notification Preferences."

Amazon Notification Preferences

2. Forward Amazon Order Notifications to Your Helpdesk (Optional)

You'll see "Order Notifications" at the top. If you want to start sending order notifications to your helpdesk, click "Edit."

Edit Amazon Order Notification Preferences

Under "Choose which notifications to receive via EMAIL," check off the boxes for all the types of notifications you want delivered to your helpdesk.

Edit Amazon Order Notifications

After that, either

  1. Enter your primary helpdesk email address to have these messages forwarded straight to your helpdesk, or
  2. Enter your address as the address to send these messages to. This will have them delivered through ChannelReply, and all of the associated order data will appear in the ChannelReply app in your helpdesk.

Edit Amazon Order Notification Email Address

Finally, click "Save."

Save Your Preferences

3. Forward Other Amazon Notifications to Your Helpdesk (Optional)

In addition to order notifications, you can forward the following to your helpdesk:

  • Return and Claim Notifications
  • Listing Notifications
  • Reports
  • Make an Offer Notifications
  • Amazon Selling Coach Notifications
  • Account Notifications

Simply follow the same steps as above for each of these categories. You’ll have forwarding set up for all of them in no time.

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