Amazon Integration Instructions

ChannelReply makes, Freshdesk- or Zendesk-Amazon integration a cinch. Simply complete Desk, Freshdesk or Zendesk integration, and then follow along with the written instructions or video below. You’ll have your Amazon messages in your favorite helpdesk in no time!

Note: Click on any screenshot to see the full-sized image in a new tab.

1. Sign In

Sign in to your ChannelReply account by clicking “Sign In” in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you don’t have an account yet, just click "Start Free 14-Day Trial" to get started.

Sign In to ChannelReply

2. Go to “Amazon Settings”

You should arrive at the screen shown below after signing in. You can also reach it by clicking “Manage.” Once you’re there, click “Marketplaces” to begin setting up your Amazon account.

Marketplaces Tab

Click “Amazon.”

Amazon Integration

You will arrive on the “Add New Account” screen. You can click “Connected Amazon accounts” to see any accounts you have already set up.

Connected Amazon Accounts

If you click on “Connected Amazon accounts,” you can return to setting up your new account by clicking “Add New Account.”

Add New Account

3. Select an Amazon Account & Customize Your Settings

Click “Choose marketplace (required)” and select the region associated with the Amazon account you wish to connect.

Choose Region

Next, create your new support email. Simply enter a username and will automatically be added to the end.

Create ChannelReply Email

Finish Creating ChannelReply Email

Checking off the “Default” option will set this account as the one your helpdesk uses when you initiate conversations with Amazon customers. Be sure to check it off if this is your only Amazon account. If you have more than one Amazon account, choose only one of them to set as your default.

Set Default Amazon Email

Next, enter a tag for this Amazon account. In your helpdesk, this tag will identify every message you receive from this account.

Create Account Tag

If you previously linked Amazon to your helpdesk with email forwarding, you should enter the old address in the “Old Amazon email” field now. Doing so will let us deliver existing Amazon tickets to your helpdesk.

Once finished, click “Save” to finalize this information. This will take you to Amazon Seller Central.

Replace Old Forwarding Email

4. Give Us Permission to Access Your Account as a Developer

Sign in to your Amazon seller account. You will be shown an Amazon Marketplace Web Services agreement authorizing ChannelReply to integrate with your account. To agree to the terms and continue setup, check the box and then click “Next.”

Amazon MWS Agreement for ChannelReply

All you need to do on the next screen is click “Continue” to return to our website.


5. Update Your Email Addresses

You’ll be brought back to the “Connected Amazon accounts” page. You should now see info about the Amazon account you’ve just integrated with ChannelReply.

Before ChannelReply can begin managing your Amazon messages, we need to configure your Amazon support email. Click “Edit Account.”

Note: Since we had to use a real account to finish the Amazon setup process, you’ll see “Plumburs” as the brand and account name rather than “mybusiness” from now on.

Edit Account

Copy your ChannelReply email address to your clipboard. Next, click the blue “Amazon account info” hyperlink to open your Amazon Seller Information page in a new tab.

ChannelReply Email and Amazon Account Info

Enter your ChannelReply email address in both the “Customer Service E-mail” and “Customer Service Reply-to E-mail” fields. Then click “Submit.”

Amazon Seller Information

Let’s just check one more thing to make sure Amazon has applied all the changes. Hover over "Settings" in the upper right of your Seller Central screen and click "Notification Preferences."

Amazon Seller Central Notification Preferences

Scroll down to “Messaging.” See if your address is listed as the email for “Buyer Messages.”

Amazon Buyer Messages Email Setting

If it isn’t, simply click the orange-yellow “Edit” button to the right of “Messaging” and enter your ChannelReply email in the “Buyer Messages” field. Then click “Save.”

Save New Buyer Messages Email

You have now finished setting up customer messaging. If you'd also like to receive one-way notifications from Amazon in your helpdesk, you can arrange that on this screen. See “How to Forward Amazon Notifications to Your Helpdesk” for details.

Congratulations on integrating your Amazon account with ChannelReply! Simply go to "Account status" in your ChannelReply account and click "Enable Service," and we’ll start sending Amazon messages to your helpdesk (Zendesk, Freshdesk or presently.

Enable Service

Managing Your Account

Need to see account details or make changes? Simply sign in to your ChannelReply account and go to Marketplaces > Amazon. You can review and edit your details under “Connected Amazon accounts” anytime.

Edit Amazon Accounts in ChannelReply

Adding More Accounts

If you have ChannelReply Pro or Enterprise, you can also add additional accounts by clicking “Add New Account” and repeating these steps from the beginning.

Add More Amazon Accounts to ChannelReply

We hope you enjoy your simplified customer service experience! If you run into trouble or need any assistance with Amazon integration, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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