Amazon Integration Instructions

With ChannelReply, or Zendesk-Amazon integration is a cinch. Simply follow the written instructions below or follow along with the video, and before you know it you’ll be receiving your Amazon support requests via your favorite helpdesk software.

This article and video are both currently outdated. New instructions will be on the way as soon as we hear back from Amazon about a few things. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance with setting up your Amazon account.

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1. Sign In

Sign in to your ChannelReply account by clicking “Sign In” in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you don’t have an account yet, just click "Start Free 14-Day Trial" to get started.

ChannelReply Login

You will also need to sign in to your Amazon seller account now.

2. Go to “Amazon Settings”

Now that you’re signed in to ChannelReply, you should see a screen like this one under “Manage Account.” Select “Amazon Settings” from the menu near the top of the page.

ChannelReply Amazon Settings

3. Give Us Permission to Access Your Account As a Developer

We need your permission to access your Amazon seller account so that we can forward your Amazon data to your Zendesk or account. You can find detailed instructions by clicking on the “Amazon Documentation” link or the “follow instructions” link on the Amazon Settings page.

To begin, go to Then click “Sign up for MWS.”

Sign Up for Amazon MWS

This is where you can grant us permission to access your account. Click on “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.”

Give a Developer Access to Your Amazon Seller Account

In the “Developer’s Name” field, enter “ChannelReply” or anything else you’d like to use to identify us. Then, in the “Developer Account Number” field, enter the appropriate MWS developer account identifier:

North American marketplaces: 9853-9039-4224

European marketplaces: 1129-8480-4314

Developer's Name and Account Number

Finally, click “Next.”

4. Read and Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement

Read the terms and agreement presented on the next page. If you agree, check both boxes and then click “Next.”

MWS License Agreement

5. Collect and Enter Your Amazon MWS API Credentials

On the next page, you will find your Amazon MWS API credentials. It is very important that you print or save these immediately. We need these credentials before we can pull any information from your account.

Your credentials include your Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and MWS Authorization (“Auth”) Token.

Amazon MWS API credentials

Copy them from this page one at a time and paste them into the appropriate fields in your ChannelReply “Amazon Settings” page.

Where to Enter API Credentials for Amazon Integration

You may have multiple marketplace IDs. Choose the one for the Amazon TLD you wish to connect with ChannelReply. For most users, this will be

(If you need to add more marketplaces, finish setting up your first account, then click Add Amazon Account and repeat this process.)

Once you’ve entered everything, click “TEST AMAZON CONNECTION” to make sure all your details are correct.

Test Amazon Connection

If everything is working, you’ll see a success notification like the one below. Click “Ok” to close the notification and continue.

Amazon Integration Success

6. Update Your Email Addresses

You next need to create a ChannelReply email address and add it in your Amazon settings. This is easy to do. See the field labeled “”?

Create a ChannelReply Email Address

Simply type in the username of your choice and will automatically be added to the end.

Email Address Created

If you previously used email forwarding to send Amazon messages to Zendesk or Desk, you will need to give us the forwarding address as well. Enter it in the “Old Amazon email” field now. This will enable to us to deliver any replies to existing Amazon tickets to your CRM account.

Click the blue “SAVE” button to finalize this information.

Save Your Information

Next, follow this link to edit your Amazon account info. You should see a page like this one:

Amazon Seller Information

Click the “edit” button in the upper-right of the appropriate set of seller information. Again, most users will want to choose the one for

Edit Your Seller Information

Enter your address into the “Customer Service E-mail” and “Customer Service Reply-to E-mail” fields.

Change Your Amazon Customer Service Email Addresses

Then click on the yellow “Submit” button.

Submit Button

7. Enter a Tag

You can enter anything you want into the “Tag” field on this page. This tag will be used to identify support tickets as having come from Amazon, so it’s a good idea to enter “Amazon” or something similar.

Amazon Tag

Click the blue “SAVE” button to save your data.

Save Button

Congratulations! Your Amazon account is now integrated with ChannelReply. See the Zendesk tutorial to complete the Zendesk-Amazon integration process, or visit our integration instructions to finish up and make customer support easier than ever before.

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