Re:amaze Integration Instructions

ChannelReply-Re:amaze integration is as simple as it is fast. Follow along with the video or written instructions below and you’ll be done in minutes.

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1. Sign In

Sign in to ChannelReply. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start your free trial now.

Next, sign in to your Re:amaze account in a separate browser tab. 

2. Select Re:amaze

Select Re:amaze from the list of helpdesks. This can be done one of two ways. The first option is to choose it when prompted right after creating an account, as shown below.

Choosing Re:amaze in ChannelReply Onboarding

The second option is to choose it from the account dashboard. You can do this anytime if you haven’t chosen a helpdesk yet, or after disconnecting your old helpdesk.

Choosing Re:amaze from the ChannelReply Account Dashboard

3. Fill in Your Re:amaze Details

You’ll see a screen asking for details about your Re:amaze account.

ChannelReply-Re:amaze Integration Setup

To get your Re:amaze domain, copy the URL on any page in your Re:amaze account.

The URL on a Re:amaze Account

Paste it into the “Re:amaze Domain” field in ChannelReply. Everything except your unique domain will be deleted automatically. For example, when we enter something like from our account, it becomes “channelreply” instead.

Entering Your Re:amaze Domain in ChannelReply

Next, enter your Re:amaze account email address. The fastest way to find this in Re:amaze is to click on your profile picture in the upper right.

Where to Find Your Re:amaze Account Email

Entering Your Re:amaze Account Email in ChannelReply

To get your API token, go to Settings > API Token in Re:amaze. Copy it from the “Your Token” field. (If you do not have a token yet, simply click “Generate New Token” to create one, then copy it.)

Where to Find Your Re:amaze API Token

Next, paste your token into the “Re:amaze Token” field in ChannelReply.

Entering Your Re:amaze Token in ChannelReply

Now for the SSO secret. Go to Settings > Account IDs and Secret in Re:amaze. Under “Your Secret SSO Key,” click “Show Secret.”

Where to Find Your SSO Secret in Re:amaze

Copy the key that appears, then paste it into ChannelReply.

Entering Your Re:amaze SSO Secret in ChannelReply

Click “Test Connection.” 

Test Connection Button

Green checkmarks will appear next to every field that has accurate info, and “Test Connection” will change to “Connected” if everything is correct. Click “Next” to continue.

Next Button

4. Install the Re:amaze App

Click "Copy URL" to copy your ChannelReply application URL. 

Copy URL Button

In Re:amaze, go to Settings > Custom Module.

Custom Module in Re:amaze

Then paste your ChannelReply application URL into the “Custom module url” field and click “Update Account.”

Where to Enter Your ChannelReply Application URL in Re:amaze

Congratulations! The app has been successfully installed, and Re:amaze and ChannelReply are now integrated. If you want to continue with setup now, return to ChannelReply and click "Next."

Next Button

Then choose whichever marketplace you’d like to connect first.

Integrate Amazon, eBay or Walmart with Re:amaze

Alternatively, you can safely exit setup now if you need a break. You can continue anytime by choosing a marketplace from your account dashboard.

Integrate Amazon, eBay or Walmart with Re:amaze from Your ChannelReply Dashboard

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