eBay Integration Instructions

ChannelReply makes Freshdesk-, Desk.com- and Zendesk-eBay integration a snap. Once you’ve connected your ZendeskDesk or Freshdesk account, just follow the written instructions below or watch the walkthrough video. In minutes, your accounts will be connected, making it easier to provide eBay customer support than ever before.

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Note: Click on any screenshot to see the full-sized image. Text last updated 9/14/2018.

1. Sign In

The first thing you need to do is sign in to your ChannelReply account. Click on “Sign In” and enter your details.

Don’t have a ChannelReply account yet? Just click on “Start Free 14-Day Trial” to create one.

Sign In to or Sign Up for ChannelReply

2. Go to “eBay Settings”

You should see a screen like this one right after you sign in. If you don’t, you can find it by selecting “Manage.” Once you’re there, click on “Marketplaces.”

ChannelReply Setup: Marketplaces

3. Customize Your Settings

On the Marketplaces page, make sure eBay is currently selected.

Connect eBay to ChannelReply

Clicking “Connected eBay accounts” will allow you to see any accounts you’ve already added.

Check Connected eBay Accounts

You can begin connecting a new account by clicking “Add New Account.”

Add New eBay Account to ChannelReply

Enter the tag of your choice in the “tag” field. This word or phrase will appear on messages from eBay customers, making it easier to keep track of your support efforts. Something as simple as “eBay” will do the trick.

eBay Tag

Once you’re happy with your tag, click “Continue.”

Continue Button

4. Give Us Permission to Connect Your Account

You should be taken to an eBay sign-in page. Enter your details and click “Sign in” to continue.

The next page will explain what we’re doing in a bit more detail and give you the terms of using ChannelReply with eBay. If you accept those terms and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click “I agree” to continue.

Give Application Access to Your eBay Seller AccountAnd you’re done! You should see a message like the one shown below telling you that you have successfully linked your eBay account with ChannelReply.

Successful eBay Integration

Just to be safe, you might want to click on “Marketplaces” and make sure your information is correct. Both your eBay user ID and your tag will be displayed there.

eBay Account Details in ChannelReply

Click “Edit Account” to change your tag if necessary.

Where to Edit eBay Tag

Please note that you won’t be able to edit your eBay username, but you can remove an account and add a new one at any time. Click “Continue” to save any changes you make.

Save eBay Tag Changes

You should also see the option to subscribe to returns. Clicking on this button will allow you to manage returns from within your service desk account at no additional cost.

Subscribe to eBay Returns

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Unsubscribe from eBay Returns

You can click “Add New Account” to add additional accounts if your service plan allows it. Just follow these instructions from the beginning to add another account the same way you added the first.

Add Second eBay Account to ChannelReply

You can also go to “Connected eBay accounts” and click “Remove Account” if you’d like to replace an old one.

Remove eBay Account

You will be given the chance to cancel before your account is disconnected from ChannelReply. Click “Yes” to remove your account or “Cancel” to leave it connected.

Confirm eBay Account Removal

Note that ChannelReply only works with customer messages by default, but you can import one-way notifications from eBay by following these brief instructions. This also comes at no extra cost; notifications do not count toward your monthly message limit.

Congratulations—ChannelReply setup is nearly complete! If you’ve already connected a service desk, then all that remains is to go to “Account status” and enable service.

Account Status


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