How Does eBay Resolution Center Support Work?

ChannelReply lets you manage eBay Resolution Center cases, inquiries, and returns from your helpdesk. We call this Resolution Center Support, or RCS for short.

Important: This article uses the classic ChannelReply interface. You can access the classic interface here.

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Is eBay Resolution Center Support Available in All Helpdesks/Plans?

Most Resolution Center Support features are only available in Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Desk. However, you can receive and reply to Resolution Center notifications in all supported helpdesks.

RCS is available on all ChannelReply plans.

Is There an Extra Fee for Subscribing to Resolution Center Support?

There is no extra fee. Resolution Center Support is included as part of your standard ChannelReply subscription.

RCS notifications do count toward monthly messages. They can therefore result in overage charges if you exceed your monthly limit.


How Do I Enable/Disable RCS?

You’ll need a ChannelReply account with a helpdesk and an eBay account connected. If you don’t have ChannelReply yet, start your free trial here.

Once you’ve finished basic setup, log in to ChannelReply and go to (3) Marketplaces. This will take you directly to the eBay management screen.

(3) Marketplaces

Scroll down to your connected eBay account. If you see “Unsubscribe from Resolution Center Support,” then RCS is already active.

Unsubscribe from Resolution Center Support

If you see “Subscribe to Resolution Center Support” instead, click the button to activate it.

Subscribe to Resolution Center Support

You can individually subscribe or unsubscribe each of your eBay accounts as desired.

Can I Enable or Disable Specific Notifications?

Inquiries, cases, and returns notifications can all be enabled or disabled separately. These options can be found by doing the following:

  • Find the eBay account you want to adjust the settings for, then click “Edit Account.”
  • Use the sliders to enable or disable notifications for inquiries, cases, or returns.

Edit eBay Account in ChannelReply

Open Advanced Options

Enable or Disable Inquiries, Case or Returns

You can manage other options here as well, such as New Order notifications (which allow you to message eBay customers who haven’t messaged you).

Can I Still Get Resolution Center Notifications without RCS?

Sure thing! Importing eBay notification emails will keep you up to date on your Resolution Center cases without affecting your message count. Just note that you won’t be able to reply to these emails or perform any actions on them.

How Does RCS Work?

Simple! Any time eBay or one of your customers contacts you through the Resolution Center, ChannelReply will send you a message.

eBay Resolution Center Inquiry and Return Notifications in Zendesk

These are categorized into inquiries, cases, and returns. Each category has its own set of actions and data available in the ChannelReply app.

Performing Actions and Commenting

Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Desk users can perform a wide variety of actions using the ChannelReply app. Sometimes, this is as simple as clicking a button. Other actions will require you to fill in detailed info before you click.

Provide eBay Inquiry Shipment Info in Zendesk

If you want to send a message and perform an action at the same time, do not use your helpdesk’s normal reply field. Use the Comment field found under the action you want to perform in the ChannelReply app.

Comment Field

Enter the comment you wish to send, then hit the action button. The action will be performed and the comment will be posted to the Resolution Center.

Issue eBay Refund with Comment in Zendesk

We also provide an actions link at the bottom of each RCS notification. This will take you to the page in the eBay Resolution Center where you can perform actions directly.

Return Actions Link

This is a useful shortcut for Help Scout and Gorgias users, and for anyone who prefers to take actions directly on eBay rather than through the app.

Replying vs. Commenting

Replying vs. Commenting on RCS Tickets

“Replying” means using your helpdesk’s normal reply field to send a message. “Commenting” means using the Comment field in the ChannelReply app instead.


Replying is always possible, even in Help Scout and Gorgias.

Replies will post to the Resolution Center by default. If that is not possible, we will send it to the buyer as a standard message instead. You will see a note on the ticket if this happens.

Reply Delivered as Direct Message Notification


Commenting is only available in the following circumstances:

  1. You are using Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Desk.
  2. It is currently possible to post a comment on the Resolution Center inquiry, case or return.

Comments are always posted to the Resolution Center.

Why Are Some Replies Posted to Messages Instead of the Resolution Center?

eBay can decide not to accept messages on a Resolution Center inquiry, case or return for a variety of reasons. Two of the most common are:

  • The return or case was closed.
  • The message included attachments that eBay refused to accept in the Resolution Center.

Other errors may prevent the message from being delivered to the Resolution Center as well.

In all cases where a reply cannot be posted to the Resolution Center, we forward the message to the buyer to make sure your communication goes through.

RCS Notification Types


An inquiry notification delivered by ChannelReply will have the tag “Inquiry” and a subject line beginning with “eBay Inquiry notification.”

With inquiries, you’ll be able to reply directly to the message, just like answering an email. Your response will appear in the Resolution Center.

Reply to eBay Inquiry in Zendesk

In Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Desk, the following actions may be available in the ChannelReply app:

  • Issue a refund.
  • Provide refund info.
  • Provide shipment info.

eBay Inquiry Actions in the ChannelReply App

You can use the Comment fields in the app to send a message while performing an action at the same time.


A case notification delivered by ChannelReply will have the tag “case” and a subject line beginning with “eBay Case notification.”

Replies to cases generally cannot be posted to the Resolution Center. If you respond using the normal reply field in your helpdesk, we will most likely need to send it straight to the eBay user as a standard message. Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Desk users should use the Comment field on cases.

The following actions may be available on case notifications:

  • Send a message via the comment field.
  • Issue a refund.
  • Appeal case decisions.
  • Provide a return address.


A return notification delivered by ChannelReply will have the tag “return” and a subject line beginning with “eBay Return notification.”

Replies to returns can sometimes be posted directly to the Resolution Center. However, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Desk users can post there more reliably by using Comments in the ChannelReply app.

The following actions may be available on return notifications:

  • Send a message via the comment field.
  • Provide RMAs and return labels.
  • Set the amount to refund.
  • Add a comment to refunds issued.

Provide RMA or Issue Refund on an eBay Return in the ChannelReply App

Will I Need to Log In to eBay?

Hardly ever! In addition to receiving your Resolution Center messages and being able to reply and perform actions directly from your helpdesk, you will also see detailed info about the buyer and their order in the ChannelReply app. That means there’s usually no need to log in to eBay.

ChannelReply App Data and Options on eBay Returns

A quick overview of data available on returns, with details collapsed.

We provide links to the relevant pages on eBay just in case you want to check anything or reply manually. For example, the blue “Order ID” text links to the order on eBay, and the item title links to the listing.

Why Do I Sometimes See Multiple Messages in a Single RCS Notification?

Sometimes, numerous actions occur on a single inquiry, case or return in a very short time. When this happens, ChannelReply will bundle all the notifications into a single message, up to a maximum of 10 at once. This protects your inbox from getting cluttered and saves you from using up your message limit too fast.

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