Help Scout Integration Instructions

Follow the instructions below to integrate your Help Scout account with ChannelReply.

Important: This article uses the classic ChannelReply interface. You can access the classic interface here.

Notes: Click on any image to view it at full resolution. Last updated 1/7/2019.

1. Sign In

If you don’t have a ChannelReply account yet, now is the time to set one up! Click “Start Free 14-Day Trial” to get started.

Start Free Trial of ChannelReply

If you already have an account, click “Sign In” or “Manage”—whichever one you see.

Sign In


Next, sign in to Help Scout or start your free Help Scout trial.

2. Install the ChannelReply App for Help Scout

In Help Scout, click “Manage,” then choose “Apps” from the dropdown menu.

Manage Apps in Help Scout

Select “ChannelReply” from the list of apps. You can use the search bar in the upper right if you don’t see it immediately.

ChannelReply in the Help Scout App Directory

Click “Install via ChannelReply.”

Install ChannelReply App for Help Scout

This will take you to the “CRM settings” page in your ChannelReply account. Choose Help Scout from the list of service desk options.

Choose Help Scout in ChannelReply

Click “Authorize Help Scout account.”

Authorize Help Scout Button

Then log in to Help Scout on the screen that appears next.

Choose Help Scout in ChannelReply

Help Scout will ask you to grant ChannelReply permission to access your account via API. Click “Authorize.”

Authorize ChannelReply to Connect to Help Scout

This will bring you back to ChannelReply.

3. Choose a Default Mailbox

In the “Default Mailbox” field, enter the email address of one of your Help Scout mailboxes. Your eBay and Amazon messages will be delivered to this mailbox by default. (That doesn’t mean they all have to go there—you’ll be able to choose a different mailbox for each marketplace account you connect.)

Click “Test Help Scout Connection” once done.

Test Help Scout Connection

You should see a success notification. Click “OK” to continue. If you see an error message instead, follow the instructions provided or contact us.

Success Notification

Finally, click “Save.”

Save Button

If you see another success message, Help Scout and ChannelReply are now connected! Here’s what to do next:

  • Follow our instructions on Help Scout–eBay integration and/or Help Scout–Amazon integration.
  • Once your marketplace accounts are connected, go to (4) Account Status and click Enable Service. (If you see Disable Service instead, service is already enabled and you don’t have to do anything.) You should then see all green checkmarks and no red Xs.

Enable or Disable Service in ChannelReply

Need help? Have questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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