Gorgias Integration Instructions

Integrating Gorgias with ChannelReply is as easy as pie—and by that, we mean eating a pie someone else baked. Follow along with the video or written instructions below and you’ll be done in minutes.

Important: This article uses the classic ChannelReply interface. You can access the classic interface here.

Note: Click on any screenshot to view the full-sized image.

1. Sign In

Sign in to ChannelReply, or click “Manage” if you’ve already signed in. You can start a free trial here if you don’t have an account yet.

Sign In to ChannelReply or Start Free Trial

In a separate tab, sign in to Gorgias

2. Go to “CRM Settings” and Select Gorgias

In ChannelReply, go to the “CRM settings” tab and choose Gorgias as your service desk.

ChannelReply Gorgias Integration

3. Enter Your Gorgias Account Details

In Gorgias, click the dropdown menu in the upper left. (It will most likely be labeled “Tickets” if you’ve just logged in.) Select “Settings.”

Gorgias Settings

Click “REST API.”

Gorgias REST API Settings

Find the “Base API URL” field. Don’t copy the entire URL. Instead, just copy the part between https:// and .gorgias.io. For example, our URL is https://channelreply.gorgias.io/api/, so we would copy “channelreply” and nothing else.

Where to Find Your Gorgias Domain for ChannelReply

Paste this into the “Gorgias domain” field in your ChannelReply account.

Where to Enter Your Gorgias Domain in ChannelReply

Back on your Gorgias screen, find the “Username (your email address)” field and click Copy.

Where to Find Your Gorgias Account Email for ChannelReply

Paste it into the “Gorgias account email” field in ChannelReply.

Where to Enter Your Gorgias Username in ChannelReply

Return to Gorgias again. Find the “Password (API Key)” field and click Copy.

Where to Find Your Gorgias API Key for ChannelReply

Finally, return to ChannelReply and paste that into the “Gorgias API key” field.

Where to Enter Your Gorgias API Password in ChannelReply

Click “Test Connection” to make sure everything is accurate.

Test Connection between Gorgias and ChannelReply

You should see a success notification. Click “OK” to dismiss it. If you see an error instead, double-check your info above and contact us if you don’t see any mistakes.

Dismiss Success Notification

Once you have a successful connection, click “Save.”

Save Button

Gorgias integration is now complete! To finish the setup process, follow our instructions on eBay integration and/or Amazon integration

After your accounts are connected, be sure to visit the “Account status” tab and enable service if needed. If you see “Disable Service,” it means service is already active and no further action is needed.

Enable/Disable Service in ChannelReply

All set up and want to get the most out of ChannelReply? See "How to Use ChannelReply Data as Variables in Gorgias Macros" to take full advantage of your new tools.

If you ever get stuck or have any questions, please feel welcome to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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