Notify ChannelReply Trigger FAQs

If you use ChannelReply with Zendesk, you may have noticed “Notify ChannelReply” in your list of Zendesk triggers. This article will explain what it does, what to do if you have multiple or broken copies, and how to generate a new copy if needed.

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What Does the Notify ChannelReply Trigger Do?

Notify ChannelReply Trigger in Zendesk

Notify ChannelReply enables instant message delivery.

To go into more detail, Notify ChannelReply pings our system whenever you send a message from Zendesk. ChannelReply then automatically checks if it’s responsible for delivering your reply. If it sees that you’ve replied to a ChannelReply message, it immediately delivers it to the correct account.

What Happens If I Deactivate or Delete It?

We won’t be able to deliver your replies instantly. However, your replies will still reach your customers, thanks to what our developers like to call “the hourly jobs.”

The first hourly job is a ChannelReply backup system that checks all connected accounts once per hour. If it sees any messages that have not been delivered for any reason, it delivers them then.

The second hourly job checks all connected Zendesk accounts for broken or outdated Notify ChannelReply triggers. If any issues are detected with your copy of the trigger, it will automatically be fixed or regenerated.

So, once per hour, accounts with no working copy of the Notify ChannelReply trigger will have their messages delivered and the trigger fixed. 

If you have no working copy of the trigger and don't want to wait an hour for the automatic fix to go through, you can manually generate a new copy.

How Do I Generate a New Copy of the Notify ChannelReply Trigger?

Sign in to ChannelReply and then go to CRM Settings.

CRM Settings Tab


Save CRM Settings


Save Changes Button

As soon as you see a success notification like the one shown below, you'll have a new, working copy of Notify ChannelReply in Zendesk.

Your Profile Has Been Successfully Updated Notification

Notify ChannelReply Shows an Error Message. What Do I Do?

 "No longer available" Error in Notify ChannelReply Trigger

Copies of the trigger that display error messages like “No longer available” are harmless, but they aren’t doing their job. It’s a good idea to delete any copy that shows an error message. If no working copies are left, you can wait for the hourly jobs to resolve the problem, or you can manually generate a new copy.

Why Do I Have Multiple Notify ChannelReply Triggers, and What Should I Do?

Every time you click “Save” on the CRM settings page of your ChannelReply account, a new copy of the Notify ChannelReply trigger is created. Many users click “Save” more than once and end up with two or three copies in Zendesk. New copies may also be created during updates.

You can safely deactivate/delete any duplicates of the trigger. It’s only necessary to have one working copy at a time.

If you do delete duplicates, just check the last remaining copy to make sure there are no error messages (Zendesk will display these in red text). If there is an error message, delete that copy as well, then generate a new one.

Do Duplicate Notify ChannelReply Triggers Cause Problems?

Nope! They’re just clutter. You could have a hundred copies go off at the same time and it would have the same effect as just one. Remember, your replies to customer messages do not count toward your monthly message limit, so there’s no worries about this using up your limit.

What Happens When This Trigger Fires on Non-ChannelReply Tickets?

Nothing—we don’t see the contents of your non-ChannelReply tickets, record data about them, or otherwise interact with them. As soon as we see the ticket is not a ChannelReply ticket, our system ignores it.


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