Advanced Setup
eBay/Amazon Autoresponder Setup for Zendesk Users
Published at Nov 06, 2017.
Can’t get Zendesk to send automatic emails to marketplaces? Creating an eBay and Amazon autoresponder just takes some extra setup. Here’s how to get it up and running.
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Zendesk Users: Multilingual Support Setup for Amazon
Published at Feb 27, 2018.
Zendesk Professional and Enterprise support all sorts of powerful translation and multilingual support tools, but automatic language detection doesn’t work with ChannelReply messages. Use this workaround to auto-assign languages to Amazon customers.
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How to Add Additional Amazon Accounts and Countries
Published at May 10, 2018.
Sell in more than one country, or provide support for multiple Amazon accounts? Follow these instructions to manage all your Amazon messages in one place with ChannelReply.
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How to Use ChannelReply Data in Freshdesk Canned Responses & More
Published at Aug 28, 2018.
Unlock some of Freshdesk’s most powerful abilities for eBay and Amazon! Follow these instructions to start using ChannelReply data in canned replies, the Dispatch’r and the Observer.
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How to Create Zendesk Views for eBay and Amazon
Published at Sep 11, 2018.
eBay and Amazon messages all lumped together? Learn how to make Zendesk views that sort them out.
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Amazon/eBay Autoresponder Setup for Freshdesk Users
Published at Nov 08, 2018.
Sick of answering messages all weekend? Freshdesk can work perfectly as an Amazon and eBay autoresponder, with messages even counting toward Amazon’s 24-hour response time SLA. All you need is ChannelReply and a special Dispatch’r rule. Use Zendesk instead of Freshdesk?...
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Detailed FAQs
Published at May 23, 2016.
You can send one or more attachments to a buyer. You can also receive attachments from buyers. The total allowed attachment size is 10MB. The following document formats are supported: Text files (.txt) PDFs (.pdf) Word documents (.doc and .docx) Image files (.jpg, .gif, .tiff,...
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Published at Feb 19, 2018.
Many ChannelReply users worry about Amazon discovering they’ve connected multiple accounts. Amazon probably wouldn’t mind that you provide customer service for more than one seller, but here’s how to play it safe.
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Where Are My eBay and Amazon Tags in ChannelReply?
Published at Mar 27, 2018.
Your Amazon and eBay tags are found in the account management screen under (3) Marketplaces. These screenshots show exactly where they’re located.
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Published at May 23, 2016.
Since eBay doesn't provide any ID for previous messages, we use message subjects and eBay user IDs to identify threads. When you set up ChannelReply, there may already be several tickets in your Zendesk account with the same subject from...
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