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How to close a case on eBay20 Article(s)

9 Ways eBay Seller Business Strategy Must Change in 2018 and 2019

eBay has made some major changes with the 2018 Spring, Summer and...

Mar 08, 2018 Dot Separator 13 min read

When Is an eBay Store Worth It? [Updated 2021]

An eBay Store is worth it for many sellers, but definitely not...

Feb 19, 2019 Dot Separator 15 min read

Selling Private Label on Amazon

Selling private-label products on Amazon may be the fastest way to build...

Sep 18, 2018 Dot Separator 9 min read

How the Amazon Return Policy Works

As Amazon sellers, we’ve gotten to know Amazon returns from the seller’s...

Jan 18, 2016 Dot Separator 12 min read

How to Get Approved to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Wondering how to get approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace? You’re not...

Jan 21, 2020 Dot Separator 7 min read

6 Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on Ecommerce

The coronavirus pandemic will have a much deeper impact on ecommerce than...

Apr 01, 2020 Dot Separator 7 min read

How to Create a Customer Feedback Loop that Works

Discover how a customer feedback loop can help businesses refine their service...

Apr 18, 2022 Dot Separator 11 min read


Kustomer Integration Now Available

Our Kustomer integration is live! Link Amazon, eBay, Etsy & more.

Dec 29, 2022 Dot Separator 6 min read

How to Reach eBay Customer Service

Keep getting a machine when you call the eBay customer service number?...

Jan 07, 2016 Dot Separator 6 min read

Master eBay SEO and the Cassini Search Engine

Gone are the days of listing an item on eBay and waiting...

Aug 31, 2016 Dot Separator 8 min read

Making Sense of eBay and PayPal Chargeback Policy

The eBay chargeback system can leave a seller bewildered. There are lots...

Nov 02, 2016 Dot Separator 7 min read

How to Become an eBay Top Rated Seller

Becoming an eBay Top Rated Seller should be the first order of...

Aug 03, 2016 Dot Separator 5 min read