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The Two Most Important Seller Tools in E-commerce

Published at Jun 17, 2019.

Seller Tools for E-commerce

This guest post was written by Prince of Seller Republic.

The internet is a magical place where people can buy everything from a rubber band to a life-size statue of a clinically obese Arnold Schwarzenegger (warning: somewhat NSFW).

All in the blink of an eye.

That last part (about the buying, of course, not Arnold per se) is probably of most interest to you, an e-commerce entrepreneur.

With an estimated 1.92 billion online buyers and 13.7% of the global retail sales pie in 2019, why wouldn’t it be?

That said, e-commerce is not all sunshine and rainbows for sellers. The industry has grown into a colossal behemoth whose gravity well—while rich with available target audiences—attracts hellish beings from otherworldly dimensions.

You may know these beings as competitors. Moreover, you do not need others to tell you that combating them on a day-to-day basis is nothing short of a Herculean feat.

And just like you wouldn’t combat a hydra without a decent sword and a blazing torch at your side, it’s probably a mistake to venture into the Lernaean swamp of e-commerce without critical seller tools.

The biggest sellers in the world have one thing in common: they use tools that give them an edge. Effectively using automation not only puts you one step ahead of your direct competitors, it puts your business on a parallel with the world’s largest companies. Regardless of size, with the right seller tools—tools that work—we see sellers go on to dominate their niches.

Simply put, the two most important seller tools are repricers and helpdesks—tools we’ll be talking about today.

Repricer: Seller Republic

Seller Republic

Did you know that, according to BigCommerce, nearly 82% of all sales on Amazon go through the Buy Box? The Buy Box is the “Add to Cart” button you see on an Amazon sales page, which can only be occupied by one seller at a time.

Now imagine a world where your products are listed there 24/7! That’s Seller Republic in a nutshell for ya.

Seller Republic is a continuous repricer. In case you don’t know what a repricer is, it is a piece of software that automatically tweaks the prices of your products on Amazon or eBay with profit in mind. The app will manage your listings to meet demand and get an edge over competitors without going too high or too low.

How does it work?

You set the app up in three minutes or so, establish the rules and the price limits and then let “Win Buy Box” or any other custom strategy do its magic. Your listings will compete for the sweet spot in the Buy Box on their own.

Not only that, but you will get amazing, intuitive analytics that empower data-driven decision-making on the fly. Also included is a built-in profit and loss calculator, downloadable reports, and advanced rules for competing in differing conditions or even with tricky sellers like Amazon itself. The web app is fully compatible with all browsers on iPhone and Android, as well as PC and Mac.

The absolute beast of an app, in business since 2015, won’t drain your budget. The prices are super reasonable for the packages on offer and, of course, there’s a free trial waiting.



Speaking of amazing automation options for e-commerce, there is one tool capable of taking away the pain of constantly logging in and out of Amazon, eBay and Walmart accounts—ChannelReply.

The app is a centralized hub for all things marketplace helpdesk.

ChannelReply empowers your team to answer every question your buyers might have from a single screen. It sends all your Walmart, eBay and Amazon messages to the helpdesk of your choice—Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, Gorgias or Re:amaze. These helpdesks all have incredible time-saving tools to speed up your customer service.

ChannelReply cuts your response time in half. In a world where a one-second reduction in wait time can add 7% to conversions, the impact is colossal to say the least.

ChannelReply has an incredibly modest pricing policy and a 14-day trial at your disposal. Feel free to test the waters.

Few pressures. Much gains. Wow.


There are several seller tools and services out there targeting the average and advanced online seller, but with just these two, you go a long way to success. Fundamentally, combining Seller Republic and ChannelReply increases both sales and profits. At the same time, it keeps your customers happy and your metrics glowing with great customer feedback.

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