5 Great eBay CRM Software Solutions
Published at Nov 11, 2016.

Finding eBay CRM software can be incredibly challenging. Search for it on Google and you’ll find lists of software that doesn’t integrate and programs buried in negative reviews like Reply Manager. Are there any options that actually work with eBay?

There are—and they’re brilliant.

What Is a CRM and Why Would I Want One for eBay?


CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” Good CRM software makes it easier to keep relationships strong. It helps you track customer data, manage your customer service, and automate tedious, time-consuming jobs so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

That’s all critical. Happy buyers mean a higher eBay feedback score and (especially with help from a CRM) regular customers, not just the buy-once-and-leave guys you normally get. Great customer service also makes you far more likely to rank well on the Cassini search engine.

Not convinced? The average return on investment for buying CRM software is 871%! The time it saves and the amount it helps you improve customer interactions pay off enormously.

So, how do you get these awesome programs to work with eBay?

Two Ways to Integrate a CRM with eBay

eBay CRM Software

The most important step in customer relationship management is providing great customer service. That’s why so many CRMs integrate with helpdesks: to provide a complete package for great relationships.

Unfortunately, most helpdesks and CRMs can’t integrate with eBay. But there are two exceptions that offer a complete solution: and Zendesk.

Both of these helpdesks can integrate with CRMs and eBay. Even without a CRM, either of these helpdesks can slash the time you need to spend on customer service. Learn more about eBay integration and see how much they can help.

When you add a dedicated CRM, you unify your customer service with your sales efforts. That means faster results and higher ROI from every customer interaction.

So without further ado, let’s see what type of eBay CRM software you can get with Zendesk or!


Highrise CRM

Highrise is a simple CRM that lets you store, share, and organize customer information, track and assign tasks, set reminders, and much more.

You can easily integrate Highrise with Zendesk through their app marketplace. This lets you manage data in Highrise on the same screen where you answer customer service emails and messages.

Highrise is extremely affordable. In addition to offering a free plan, they charge just $24 a month for their Basic plan. This supports up to six users and has no per-user fee.

If you use ChannelReply to get your eBay messages in Zendesk, then you’ll have a complete eBay CRM software suite. You could get a message in Zendesk, add critical data about the buyer to your Highrise account, and answer the ticket in seconds with an auto-customized canned response—all from within one screen!

You could also do all that with emails, Amazon messages, Tweets, Facebook posts and more. You won’t find an easier way to get so much done so quickly.

Of course, you can do everything just as efficiently with another CRM as long as you have ChannelReply and Zendesk. So let’s take a look at:



SugarCRM is a powerful solution for major companies. They offer extensive automation for sales, call centers, and support, plus forecasting, lead management, and reporting. They aren’t cheap, but the automations can save a big business enough money to make them worthwhile.

Learn how SugarCRM integrates with Zendesk.



Salesforce is the world’s top CRM and played a major part in making cloud computing a reality. It automatically captures data about all your customer interactions, but it also goes above and beyond other CRMs by hunting down info about your customers. For example, it can bring you their social media profiles and automatically fill in data based on what it finds on the Web.

Salesforce also streamlines sales team collaboration by making it easy to share data and work together on each case. Track opportunities, events, and leads, and manage accounts and permissions with ease.

It has reasonably flexible pricing. A stripped-down version of Salesforce costs $25 per user per month. The most powerful options can go well into the triple digits. It might not be a great choice if you’re on a budget, but if you’re looking for the best, there’s none better.

You can use Salesforce with Desk or with Zendesk.

NetSuite CRM

Netsuite CRM

Oracle’s NetSuite is another solution for large-scale businesses. Its CRM will help you with extensive automations plus powerful tools for ecommerce and order management, which could prove quite useful for you as an online seller.

On the downside, they keep their pricing close to their chest. You know that means: if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Connect NetSuite with Zendesk.


Solve CRM

Solve is an inexpensive CRM, costing just $25 per user per month with no higher pricing points to hog the good stuff. It also has some extremely powerful features. For example, it divides emails not by the user’s accounts, but by the customer they’re talking to, so anyone on your team can read any email to or from a given customer. You’ll get all the expected automations and data collection tools as well.

Get Solve in Zendesk.

Are There Other eBay CRM Software Options?

Zendesk CRM Apps

We’ve only scratched the surface here. The Zendesk App Directory has over 90 results for “CRM” and any one of them could be right for your eBay business.


In order to use one of these programs as your eBay CRM software, you’ll need to connect or Zendesk with ChannelReply first. You can count on it to make a world of difference for both your customer service and your sales. Learn what ChannelReply can do for eBay sellers or start your free trial now!

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