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I’m Sick of Reply Manager. Is There an Alternative?

Published at Oct 20, 2016.

Ever since the disastrous October update, eBay and Amazon sellers have been looking for a Reply Manager alternative. It’s no surprise given reviews like the following from WebRetailer:

Reply Manager Reviews

That sounds almost as fun as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. So what can you do if you want an alternative to Reply Manager that won’t force broken updates on you? What other software can manage eBay and Amazon messages in the same place as email from your own website?

Last updated 10/9/2018.


There are two major alternatives: ChannelReply and xSellco Helpdesk.

We did an article on xSellco Helpdesk vs. ChannelReply and found that xSellco offers fewer features for a much higher (and rising) price. On top of that, xSellco actually owns Reply Manager:


Reply Manager Is Owned by XSellco

So it’s not even that different. They’re the same company and just as likely to make the same mistakes with their other products.

Time to look at the only real Reply Manager alternative: ChannelReply.

ChannelReply as a Reply Manager Alternative

Both ChannelReply and Reply Manager let you manage Amazon and eBay messages—plus emails from your own ecommerce site—on one screen. Both can also work as an Amazon autoresponder, and let multiple users provide support for one eBay account. But how they do it is very different.

Reply Manager is a completely self-contained program. They built their own marketplace integrations, management tools, email interface, and everything else.

It’s impressive, but it means they have a lot of balls in the air at all times. When things go wrong—like they did with the 10/2016 update—it can get very ugly.

ReplyManager Reviews from October 2016

ChannelReply works a bit differently. Rather than trying to be judge, jury, and executioner, it connects your eBay and Amazon accounts to a leading helpdesk of your choice. Freshdesk and Zendesk integration are both available.

ChannelReply has one job: keep your messages flowing smoothly. It therefore offers the most reliable service possible. Meanwhile, the helpdesks work day and night to make customer service easier to manage than ever before. The result is the best Amazon and eBay messaging solution available.

Let me prove it to you.


Best Price

At first glance, it might seem like ChannelReply and a helpdesk will cost more than Reply Manager. But in most business situations they will either be more affordable or deliver huge advantages that are clearly worth the price.

Let’s review common situations for online sellers and find out what each service would cost.

Reply Manager Pricing Comparison

*All examples use yearly pricing and are accurate as of 10/9/2018. Prices are higher for all services listed when paid monthly instead.

If you want to learn more about the pricing plans from above, check out the following:

If your customer service needs are anything like those shown in the chart above, switching from Reply Manager to ChannelReply could save you up to $1,200 per year. You can also do far more than you ever could with Reply Manager. The premium Freshdesk and Zendesk account levels offer way more features, as do their broad libraries of third-party apps.

Speaking of which...

Integrations and Add-Ons

Zendesk Apps Directory

Most sellers who use ChannelReply or Reply Manager have the same goal: handle their ecommerce customer service messages on one screen. Either one will let you do that.

However, Zendesk and Freshdesk both offer far more integrations than Reply Manager.

Reply Manager boasts about a handful of integrations. Besides marketplaces and email, it can connect with social media channels, Linnworks, Brightpearl, Aftership and ChannelAdvisor—if you buy the Enterprise plan. It’s a useful but small batch of add-ons for their highest-paying customers.

Freshdesk, on the other hand, has over 340 apps in its marketplace. It also includes integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

But Zendesk blows them both away with over 700 app integrations and add-ons. Nearly all are available for free. If there’s a service you want to connect with, you’ll likely find it in the Zendesk Apps Directory.

In short, Reply Manager limits you to the handful of services its developers have linked it to. ChannelReply lets you connect with the hundreds of services connected to your helpdesk of choice. If you need flexibility, there’s no contest.

Multilingual Support

Freshdesk in Russian

Zendesk can link with several translation apps, including Translate from and Unbabel Translate. These services offer machine translation of inbound messages and on-demand human translation of replies. The Zendesk interface is also available in 11 languages, plus regional variations for English, Spanish and Chinese.

Freshdesk works similarly. You can choose from several translation apps, create articles in 34 languages, and let both agents and customers choose their preferred language.

Reply Manager automatically detects the customer’s language so you can sort tickets by language and send out the correct translation of each reply. Not bad. But if you need any actual translation done, you’ll have to take care of it on your own.

Ticket Organization and Management

ChannelReply in Zendesk

Above: An Amazon message delivered to Zendesk by ChannelReply.

ChannelReply gives you access to powerful tools for handling your tickets, whether you choose to integrate it with Freshdesk or Zendesk. Reply Manager offers similarly powerful tools for managing Amazon and eBay messages. However, it doesn’t provide much for helping customers on your own site or let you create a staff-only knowledgebase.

ChannelReply and ReplyManager Ticket Management Comparison

Live Chat

Zendesk Chat

  • Freshdesk provides powerful free chat through Freshchat, with even more advanced features available on paid plans.
  • Zendesk offers basic free chat with the Lite version of its popular add-on Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim), and the paid version is considered one of the best systems available.
  • Reply Manager once advertised chat for their highest-level plan, but they now make no mention of it.

The Final Verdict

Here’s one last chart to compare the pros and cons of ChannelReply and Reply Manager:

ChannelReply vs. ReplyManager

Although Reply Manager is a good product when it works, it charges too much for too little. Throw in forced updates with poor beta testing and it’s clearly not a great choice.

ChannelReply is the best Reply Manager alternative and the only serious competitor that isn’t owned by the same company. Try it free and see the difference it can make for you.

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