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How to Become an eBay Valet

Published at Jan 01, 2018.

eBay’s valet program has piqued the interest of a lot of sellers. I mean, seriously, people send you their valuable stuff to sell. Who wouldn’t want to sign up? So that just begs the question of how to become an eBay valet.

Update: eBay Valet was shut down on March 12, 2018. This article has been kept for posterity. Information cited may no longer be available on eBay. Last updated on 4/6/2018.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Here’s what the most important requirements are, according to eBay:

5. Great Service

Hand Ringing Service Bell

Great customer service makes all the difference between success and failure on eBay, and that goes double for the valet program. You must prove that you have what it takes to keep your many buyers happy. This will undoubtedly mean becoming a Top Rated Seller, and likely demonstrating that you stand tall even among those customer service superstars.

Overcoming the Hurdle

eBay does not make it easy to scale customer service. They provide badly limited support tools, and you only get one login per account, meaning any member of your support staff has the power to sabotage you. Luckily, integrating eBay with a helpdesk solves those problems.

4. Omnipresence

The United States at Night

This requirement will put almost any company out of the running: you must have a “physical presence in all major metropolitan hubs in the U.S.” That most likely means all 380+ areas on this list.

On the plus side, if you have more than 380 locations, your business will probably meet all the other requirements!

Overcoming the Hurdle

Consider becoming not just an eBay seller but a storage and/or fulfillment service as well. This lets you expand your business without relying entirely on retail income. It also gives you middleman experience in a role similar to that of a valet, which could help you earn eBay’s trust.

3. Versatility

Swiss Army Knife

eBay requires you to be able to list in every category on the site. That’s a weird requirement, since they state that valets do not accept items in numerous eBay categories, but perhaps they want the option to expand the program at a moment’s notice.

Overcoming the Hurdle

You can view all eBay categories here. If you think your company might encounter roadblocks to listing in any of them, identify and remove them now. Nothing beats actually selling something in each category that has you worried.

2. Storage

Inside a Warehouse

You need to have storage space for all the items you’ll receive, and the ability to hold onto them for at least 21 days. Presumably, given the listing capacity requirement below, that would mean having enough warehouse space for at least 75,000 valet items at any time—possibly more.

That much space is pie in the sky for most sellers. But if you find yourself nodding along and saying “I could do that,” first, congrats on being a massive success, and second, keep reading!

Overcoming the Hurdle

Coordinating multiple warehouses takes a lot of time, effort and money. Logistics software like Volo and Temando can make it easier and less expensive for sprawling, large-scale businesses.

1. Listing Capacity

Man on a Concrete Floor, Writing

Finally, you must be able to upload 100,000 listings every month.

Overcoming the Hurdle

You can’t get around the need for people sitting at keyboards here, but you can certainly limit the number of people.

Don’t have your writers simply describe each item. Create templates for your listings. Have the best writers on your team come up with a detailed outline so new descriptions can be completed as easily as a paint-by-numbers. Consider using specialized eBay listing software like WonderLister as well.

Final Notes on How to Become an eBay Valet

Man Handing a Key to a Valet

eBay does not offer any straightforward way to become a valet. They have no intake form or “click here” button. Additionally, they hint at more requirements that they have not made public.

There are no straightforward stepping stones to success here. You’ll need to develop your own strategies for connecting with eBay through networking and making your business as attractive as possible.

Don’t feel like you’ll become an eBay valet anytime in the next decade? You’re far from the only one! Check out our article on eBay business models for some alternative inspiration.

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