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5 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

Published on Mar. 16, 2017

Last updated on Dec. 28, 2021
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If you run an ecommerce business, asking yourself how to increase sales on Amazon should be a daily exercise. Here are 5 concrete ways to boost your top line.

Last updated 12/28/2021.

1. Optimize Your Listings for Amazon Search

Amazon Search Results for "Drum Kits"

If you’ve created your own listings, make sure you understand Amazon SEO. Amazon’s search engine works nothing like Google. On the plus side, it’s not hard to learn, and a few small tweaks can result in an enormous boost in sales. Study up and implement what you learn!

2. Encourage Positive Feedback

Amazon Feedback Scores for Yamaha Electric Drums

Amazon feedback consists of the star ratings and comments on your seller account. Customers expect you to have a five-star feedback rating, and any business with less than that can expect to lose sales.

A thoughtfully written Amazon feedback request can preempt negative ratings and prompt positive ones. Be warned that a bad one can cause more harm than good, though! Learn how to write an effective feedback request.

3. Target the Buy Box

Amazon Buy Box for Yamaha Electric Drums

Every effective Amazon selling strategy focuses on winning the Buy Box. The Buy Box is responsible for 82% of sales on Amazon, so if you aren’t reaching for it, you’re condemning yourself to eating your competitors’ table scraps. Learn how it works and how to win it.

4. Don’t Engage in Price Wars

Amazon Competitors Offering the Same Price

It’s very important to have an attractive price for your products. However, not only can constantly dropping your price below your competitors’ hurt your profits, it can decrease your sales as well. Sometimes you can actually improve your sales by increasing your price.

Rather than trying to have the lowest price, try to have the best price.

You’d need PhDs in economics, statistics, and marketing to crunch through the mountains of data needed to determine what the ideal price on Amazon is at any given time. Luckily, plenty of software exists that does all that for you. Use a program like Feedvisor or Wiser to hit that perfect price point so you make more sales and higher profits.

5. Deliver Incredible Customer Service

Zorro Sounds, an Amazon Seller with Great Service

Customer service is the linchpin of your Amazon strategy. Not only does your customer service team keep your feedback score high, they also function as an extension of your sales team by answering pre-sales questions.

An Amazon business with bad service has hamstrung their sales. They fail to close, get bad feedback, lose the Buy Box, and sink to the bottom of search results. The value of getting it right cannot be overstated.

Train your service team to both close with new customers and delight existing ones. Give them the tools they need to do their job well, too. Integrating Amazon with a helpdesk can dramatically improve the speed of your team’s responses and have a huge impact on sales.

Never Stop Improving

There’s no such thing as time to rest on your laurels. Decide if and how you will act on the recommendations above now, carry out your plan, and analyze the results. And when you see how much your sales have improved, ask yourself yet again: how can I increase sales on Amazon?