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Re:amaze Integration Now Available

Published at May 25, 2020.

Get reamazed by your favorite help desk! ChannelReply now provides Walmart, eBay and Amazon integration with Re:amaze. It’s multichannel support without multi-screen madness.

Three Marketplaces, One Helpdesk

Re:amaze already supports a huge variety of channels. Mobile, social, email, live chat, Shopify, they’ve already built it all. ChannelReply fits in as the last piece of the puzzle: marketplace support.

An Amazon Message in Re:amaze

An Amazon ticket in Re:amaze.

Use ChannelReply to:

  • Answer eBay, Amazon and Walmart messages in Re:amaze.
  • See each conversation as a single threaded ticket—no more searching archives for the buyer’s last message!
  • Use marketplace data in all your favorite Re:amaze tools, including response templates and workflows.
  • Take actions on eBay, Amazon and Walmart without leaving Re:amaze.

Start your free trial of ChannelReply and see for yourself! With the help of our step-by-step setup walkthrough, you’ll be supporting all your marketplace accounts from Re:amaze in no time.

Stop Flipping Tabs

ChannelReply-Reamaze Integration Graphic

When you open an Amazon, eBay or Walmart ticket, ChannelReply will show tons of data next to the message. Who the buyer is, what they ordered, their shipping details, and all kinds of other info will show up on the same screen as the message.

An eBay Message in Re:amaze

An eBay ticket in Re:amaze. ChannelReply’s buyer and order data is shown on the right.

No need to log in to your marketplace accounts and find out what the buyer ordered. No need to dig through old messages and order records. The whole conversation and all the related data will appear on one simple screen. 

Do More than Send Messages

ChannelReply isn’t just a message delivery system. It transforms help desks into marketplace command centers. Thanks to the incredible Re:amaze API, you can use all the most advanced ChannelReply features.

  • Manage your eBay inquiries, cases and returns with Resolution Center Support.
  • Mark Amazon messages as no response needed, or even as suspicious!
  • Acknowledge or cancel orders, update shipping statuses and approve refunds on Walmart tickets.

Actions on a Walmart Ticket in Re:amaze

Answer Faster

The Re:amaze team is so awesome that they created a dynamic variable just to work with ChannelReply’s custom fields!

What the heck does that mean? It means every piece of eBay, Amazon and Walmart data can be used to make your life easier.

Say you get the same question ten times a day. You build a response template so you don’t have to type in the same answer every time. Still, you have to personalize it by writing in what the customer ordered, whether the item has shipped, which shipping address it’s going to, etc. Tedious, right?

With Re:amaze and ChannelReply, variables can fill in this info for you. One click enters a completely personalized reply. No more typing in details!

Ready to try it yourself? Learn how to set up custom fields for Re:amaze.

Variables can also be used in Re:amaze workflows, creating unbelievable freedom for advanced users. They also make it easier to...

Reply in Your Sleep

An Owl Delivering Messages while Charlie Sleeps

Send auto-replies to Amazon, eBay and Walmart customers with our ecommerce autoresponder for Re:amaze. You can even use ChannelReply variables in your auto-replies! That means they can be just as personalized as human responses.

Re:amaze Auto-Reply with Custom Fields

Above: An auto-reply that uses a ChannelReply custom field. It will automatically show the name of the item the customer ordered.

This system can count toward Amazon’s 24-hour response time SLA. It also marks eBay messages as read and answered. At last, you can take a little hard-earned time off without stressing about your marketplace metrics.

ChannelReply Enterprise customers can also save time with a bonus feature: ChannelReply Feedback. This Amazon feedback request tool lets you send unlimited feedback requests at no extra cost! Follow these instructions and watch your five-star ratings come flooding in.

ChannelReply Feedback Icon (Charlie Throwing a Paper Airplane That Comes Back as a Five-Star Review)

Advanced Mobile Support

Re:amaze offers the best mobile interface we’ve seen. Not only does it allow you to answer eBay, Amazon and Walmart messages from your phone, it also has a powerful app-within-an-app feature. That means you can view and use the ChannelReply app inside the Re:amaze mobile app for iOS or Android!

It works just as well on your mobile browser, so if you don't want to download an app, no sweat.

Re:amaze is currently the only help desk that supports all ChannelReply features on mobile. You can view detailed customer info, approve eBay returns, mark Amazon messages as no response needed, everything. 

Now think bigger. You can use auto-replies to answer the most common questions. Then you can use auto-personalized response templates to answer most of the others. With a few taps and swipes on your phone, you can clear all your ecommerce support and get back to what you really want to do.

For sellers who work on the go, Re:amaze is unbeatable.

Set Up Fast & Grow Like Magic

Charlie Magically Growing an Orange Tree in His Magician's Hat

Re:amaze is a fantastic help desk for Amazon, eBay and Walmart sellers. It does way more than put all your messages on one screen.

Re:amaze's auto-replies and remarkable mobile features let you escape your desk and work when and where you want. And when you are stuck at the office, you’ll clear tickets in no time with marketplace-compatible response templates and workflows. That means less time on support and more time focused on growing your business.

Say hello to ecommerce support without the stress. Try Re:amaze and start your free trial of ChannelReply today!

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