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eBay and Amazon Messaging with Zendesk

Published at Jan 05, 2016.

When our business really took off on eBay and Amazon, we faced a serious problem. No eBay messaging service could send emails to our customer service platform, Zendesk, and turn them into clean, manageable tickets. It was even worse when we realized no Amazon messaging service met our needs either.

Last updated 3/16/2018.

Couldn’t You Use Email Forwarding to Get Messages in Zendesk?

Frustrating Messaging Systems

Sure, you could set up basic email forwarding. But eBay messages were terrible—they would create new tickets for every email, even replies. They included tons of unnecessary text but had no links to the item’s listing. Amazon messages were better, but also lacked listing links and other important stuff like shipping info.

It was a mess. So we built our own solution: ChannelReply.

Everything in One Place

Now, you can reap the benefits of our work and get neatly organized eBay and Amazon messages in your Zendesk account. No more bouncing around between multiple screens. No more dealing with a single eBay login.

Stop tearing your hair out over customer support. Get everything in one place and get back to making sales!

The Amazon Messaging Service

Mail Envelope Boat

Our service sends you a plethora of details about your Amazon messages. With the help of our Zendesk app, you can see all of the following for each message:

  • Order ID
  • Order status
  • Shipping service level
  • Buyer’s name
  • Shipping address
  • ASIN
  • Order quantity
  • Link to the listing on Amazon

Just take a look:

ChannelReply's Amazon Messaging Service

ChannelReply and Zendesk make it easy to reply to a message outside Amazon while keeping everything neatly threaded. And things get even better when you can manage eBay messages from within the same place.

The eBay Messaging Service

Selling and Messaging with eBay

We’re certain we’re not the only ones who wanted a better way to receive and reply to a message outside eBay. Why? Because if you want to hire people to help you with your eBay support, you normally had to give them access to your entire account. There’s no way to let someone respond to your messages from inside eBay without also giving them control over your listings.

Trusting your customer support team with helping your customers is one thing. Trusting them with the password to your account is something else entirely!

We thought that with an external eBay message tool, we could let our employees respond to our eBay messages without even entering our account. We were able to forward messages to Zendesk to do that, but again, everything was a complete mess. So we hooked the eBay messaging API up to Zendesk to make the tool we really wanted.

Just like with Amazon, you can get tons of useful data, including:

  • Item title and ID
  • Link to the listing on eBay
  • Message ID
  • Order ID
  • Customer’s name

ChannelReply's eBay Messaging Service

Better yet, it’s all neatly organized. You don’t have to deal with a bunch of clutter making it impossible to see the customer’s question. All of the data appears off to the side so you can focus on your conversation.

Simplified Email Management

With the ability to receive and reply to messages from both marketplaces, we honestly think that ChannelReply is the best message-to-message email management tool for eBay and Amazon sellers. Get your free two-week trial today to streamline, save time, and boost your bottom line!

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