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How to Get More Amazon Feedback

Published on Jun. 27, 2017

Last updated on Jun. 09, 2021
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Few things are more discouraging than a row of competitors with better ratings than you. Almost nobody will buy from you if you don’t have enough feedback, and hardly anyone who does buy bothers to rate you. How can you possibly get more feedback on Amazon and reach the point where you can compete?

Don’t worry. Here’s the background info you need, plus 4 proven strategies for getting more feedback:

Last updated 6/9/2021.

How Often Should I Expect Feedback?

One Happy Customer among Several Neutral Customer

Most buyers don’t feel a need to post feedback unless something bad happens. A study by Dimensional Research found that buyers are 52% more likely to write reviews about bad support experiences than good ones. Only 23% of those who had positive experiences bothered to write about them.

On Amazon, this goes to an even greater extreme. Many sellers say that getting feedback on as few as 10% of their sales is really good. 8% seems more common.*

If you’re just starting as a seller, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any feedback for your first 15 to 20 sales. Which brings us to our first strategy for getting more feedback…

*Source: Amazon seller forum discussions. Link lost after thread was deleted or relocated by Amazon.

1. Make More Sales

Ecommerce Sale

This may sound counterintuitive—after all, isn’t making more sales the reason why you want to get more feedback on Amazon? But some e-shoppers pay no attention to feedback. Catering to them will let you get the score you need to appeal to choosier customers.

If you can afford it, using a loss leader is a great way to get started. Find something inexpensive and undercut the competition by selling it at a loss. When you have the lowest price, you’ll win over plenty of bargain hunters who are willing to take a risk on a new seller.

With a loss leader doing the heavy lifting, your next hundred sales will come a lot more easily—along with your next eight or nine ratings.

See more ways to increase sales on Amazon here.

2. Provide Incredible Customer Service

Customer Support Agent Graphic

Amazon is America’s most trusted shopping site. That trust means you’ll get more buyers there than just about anywhere else—but it also means customers have high expectations.

If you perform your own fulfillment, then you have a lot of customer service to deal with. Every request falls on you. And even FBA sellers have to handle questions about the product.

Customers expect fast replies in either case. In fact, more than a third of the population expects a reply within an hour. You have to get back to your buyers ASAP if you don’t want them to consider this a bad customer service experience and leave you with negative feedback.

A rapid reply will instead encourage positive feedback. The sooner you answer, the more likely you will exceed your customer’s expectations and wow them into leaving a positive review.

If you find yourself bogged down in messages and can’t answer fast enough, connect a helpdesk to Amazon. Helpdesks have enormous advantages over Amazon’s email management tools and can help you respond in a fraction of the normal time.

3. Exceed Shipping Expectations

International Package

Perhaps the best way to impress your customers is to ship everything ASAP. When someone sees an estimated delivery time of 2–8 days, they naturally assume they will see their package in about five. If it arrives first thing on day two, you can color them impressed.

Remember, the average delivery does not get any feedback. You need to perform above average if you want the buyer to rate you.

Another benefit to early delivery is that the transaction is still fresh in the buyer’s mind. They’re often still excited to get it and want to tell others how happy it makes them. Often, one of the people they’ll decide to tell is you—in their overjoyed feedback.

Of course, you can’t do anything about how long your courier takes once the buyer has selected their shipping option. Just focus on your handling time. Get the item out the door on the same day whenever possible and a lot more of your products will reach customers on the earlier end.

It should also go without saying that you need to pack everything well. You won’t get good feedback for items that arrive broken.

4. Send Follow-up Emails or Use "Request a Review"

Sending an Email on a Smartphone

Sending an Amazon feedback request is possibly the best thing you can do to get more feedback. A lot of sellers see it as too risky a strategy, and worry about prompting negative reviews. But if you’ve followed tips 2 and 3 above, you’ll have way more happy customers than unhappy ones—and get far more positive reviews.

Don’t hesitate to use this strategy. Hitting the Amazon Request a Review button is safe and easy. It's a bit tedious, but the good news is that you can automate the whole process with an Amazon feedback request tool.

Sending emails allows you to have a much more personal touch. They're a bit tougher, though.

The biggest challenge is that you need to follow Amazon's Communication Guidelines carefully. Otherwise, you risk suspension. But if you do that, learn about Amazon’s email opt-out update, and write feedback requests that work, you’ll practically be guaranteed more positive feedback.

Can't afford to spend all day writing emails? Try a solution like CR Feedback.

Four Great Ways to Get More Feedback on Amazon

  1. Use a loss leader to make fast sales.
  2. Integrate Amazon with a helpdesk to slash response times.
  3. Minimize handling time to make sure the customer gets their package ASAP.
  4. Send great feedback requests to leverage more of your quietly happy customers.

Follow those tips and you'll start getting more Amazon feedback in no time!