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7 Multi-channel Software Solutions for eBay and Amazon Sellers

Published at Aug 15, 2016.

Freedom to sell on multiple websites is one of the biggest advantages of ecommerce. But when you’re selling on eBay and Amazon and more besides, the complexities of each channel can make you feel like you’re running six businesses instead of one. So, we’ve compiled this list of multi-channel software eBay/Amazon sellers love for their ability to make the job easier.

This article covers a total of seven software solutions across four categories. They are numbered in order of appearance and the numbers do not represent any kind of ranking. Last updated 5/11/2018.


Railway Junction

Shipping often consumes more time than any other aspect of ecommerce. Automating tedious tasks like selecting carriers and uploading tracking numbers can make every day easier.

1. Volo Commerce

Volo is a sort of all-in-one solution for multichannel sellers (you’ll see them popping up in other categories later in this article). They can integrate with eBay and Amazon and with multiple carriers, then automatically generate tracking numbers, submit them, and create shipping labels.

2. Ecomdash

Ecomdash works much like Volo, with shipping being just one of the many solutions they offer. They have a similar shipping management system. They also list their pricing openly on their site rather than requiring you to call in for a quote, making them a better option for smaller-scale sellers.

3. ShipStation

For those who want to an affordable solution that focuses entirely on shipping, ShipStation is often the way to go. It can integrate with anything under the sun and offers comparable shipping features.

Customer Service

Customer Service Team

Sick of switching between Amazon, eBay, and an email client to answer your customer support requests? So were we.

4. ChannelReply

As eBay and Amazon sellers ourselves, we became distressed by the lack of a multichannel customer service integration solution. We loved using the fantastic CRM Zendesk for our own websites, but we couldn’t use it with the marketplaces.

This changed the story of our company from one of ecommerce to an SaaS story. We created—and later improved—Zendesk integrations for eBay and Amazon messages. Now you can manage marketplace customer service from the same screen where you handle your own website’s emails.

However, we realized not everyone wants to use Zendesk or likes their pricing plans. So we created a integration and a Freshdesk integration that make customer service for eBay and Amazon easier than ever before.


Price War

Price optimization keeps many online sellers on a daily wild goose chase for the optimal price. Every time they change their price, their competitors change theirs in response, and so it goes back and forth all day.

Repricing software fights the price war for you. You can generally set maximum and minimum prices, and the software will work from there to find the best price at any given time.

1b. Volo Commerce

In addition to their many other features, Volo offers automatic repricing for Amazon and Rakuten.

5. Wiser

Wiser offers strong multi-channel repricing. They’re the only one in this category that currently supports eBay. If you want one tool that handles repricing on all your channels, pay them a visit.

6. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is mainly for Amazon sellers right now—they have thus far focused on being the best choice for that channel in particular, and they absolutely nail it. ChannelReply users get a free month’s access when they sign up for at least two months of their Amazon repricing software.

However, this is an article about multi-channel software. See Feedvisor's Amazon Repricer page for details on their additional integrations: eBay, Bigcommerce, Magento and Shopify!



One of the fastest ways to send your seller rating / Feedback score / reputation straight to Davy Jones’ locker is to make sales and then cancel them because you’ve already sold out. Multi-channel inventory management software can stop that from happening. How? By automatically updating stock levels on every website through which you sell.

1c. Volo Commerce

Volo offers multi-channel stock level management and more inventory management capabilities. It’s yet another reason to like them!

2b. Ecomdash

Ecomdash offers inventory tracking for eBay, Amazon, and more at a relatively low price, in addition to their shipping management tools. They’re a particularly good choice for the budget-conscious seller.

7. TradeGecko

TradeGecko provides inventory tracking and order management, and has reasonably flexible pricing. You can learn more about their inventory management system here.

Is Multi-channel Software Right for Me?

Every one of these software solutions can easily go beyond paying for itself. Whether it’s by freeing up time or building customer trust, the benefits are immense. They’re well worth the price for any multi-channel seller who wants to feel like they’re running just one business again.

Want to give one a shot? Try ChannelReply free or check out our exclusive deal on Feedvisor.

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