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How to Get Your Amazon and eBay Email in Zendesk

Published at Dec 30, 2015.

Amazon and eBay email management can get out of hand quickly when you’re trying to sell on both platforms. You have to handle your Amazon email on one screen and reply to eBay support requests on another. Things get even more complicated if you use customer service software like Zendesk for your own website.

When customers bombard you with support requests on multiple fronts, you can spend so much time logging in and out and flipping between windows that you hardly have time to sell things.

Why couldn’t Amazon and eBay make it easy to get your emails in one place? Why can’t they just send them all to Zendesk?

That’s where ChannelReply can help.

Last updated 7/26/2021.

Getting eBay Messages in Zendesk

Amazon and eBay Email in One Place

eBay is a wonderful place to sell but can be a terrible place to provide customer service. It sometimes feels as if eBay doesn’t want any large-scale sellers—there’s only a single sign-in for your entire support team. And worse still, there’s no easy way to forward your messages to a customer service platform.

We created ChannelReply to solve these problems. First, we worked out an eBay-Zendesk email forwarding system so simple that the eBay end takes less than four minutes to set up. Just join ChannelReply, approve the connections with Zendesk and eBay, and follow the video below:

Second, by connecting eBay with Zendesk, you can give multiple users access to your eBay support requests. Better yet, this allows you to establish support agent accountability, as you can see who answered which ticket. Features like ticket threading are just the icing on the cake.

Third, unlike simple email forwarding, we also include the ability to generate custom fields for your eBay tickets in Zendesk. You can track things like your item title and ID, message ID, and your customer’s name. Then you can use them in Zendesk macros.

Last but not least, you can get interactive notifications. These let you perform eBay actions right inside Zendesk:

Amazon Email Forwarding to Zendesk

Email Forwarding

While you can forward Amazon messages to your Zendesk account without ChannelReply, figuring out how to do it can be a pain. And even if you do get it set up, you won’t get critical information like the order’s ID or status in Zendesk. That means you’ll often find yourself logging back in to your Amazon account anyway.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Once you get a ChannelReply account, you can follow the step-by-step instructions here. You'll have Amazon email forwarding set up in less than five minutes. And with us, you’ll get all that critical info about your tickets that you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

New: Walmart & Shopify Integrations

ChannelReply for Zendesk with eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Shopify

Recently, we added support for Walmart and Shopify messaging in Zendesk. These work almost exactly like the Amazon integration. They just have a few extra features, like the ability to cancel or refund orders.

To get started, follow our simple Walmart or Shopify integration instructions. Connecting these marketplaces only takes about three to five minutes.

For more info on our Walmart- and Shopify-Zendesk integrations, see our big announcements:

In Short...

You don’t need a degree in computer science to set up Shopify-, Walmart-, eBay- and Amazon-Zendesk email forwarding. All you need is ChannelReply. Click here to learn more or start your two-week free trial today.

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